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    Okay the experience is NOT one I want to ever go through again. The pain came on suddenly and without any warning. I was having lunch with my girlfriend and my back felt a little weak/sudden pain.

    Did not think much of it at the time. Later that evening as we are sitting around I could not get in a position that was comfortable and I am bent over the couch and just in pure pain.

    Girlfriend was thinking it was food poisoning and so was I at the time. So she ends up driving me to the Emergency Room and while walking in I realized that I was in a diaper (nothing new) but the "what if I have to undress" popped in my head. I totally thought of this site (honest to God) and the various stories related to being caught in public. Well I did not have an option at this point as I was not going to wait any longer in pain to drive home.

    After registration and the lobby waiting I am walked back to a bed. Within minutes they bring me the clean and nicely folded 'gown'. I could do nothing but laugh as I took off my clothes and put on the hospital issued attire.

    Nurse comes in with the magic cup ... we need a urine sample. I got up and filled the cup and it was dark.

    Physician comes in and asks questions feels around a little along the stomach and asked if I ever had a Kidney Stone or any family history. Well my Dad had them a few times and that is when it occurred to me what was going on inside my body.

    So next she orders the pain medications, IV, and a CT Scan. I survived the first couple rounds and nobody knew that I was wearing a diaper.

    About an a half hour later the medications are kicking in and off the CT Scan I go without my girlfriend now. Then came the moving from one bed to another for the scan and that is where it happened. I did not realize how short the gown was until they had me raise my arms above my head as I went into this machine. I was 100% sure they noticed the diaper; however, made no comment; however, it was facing down towards the machine (there has to be a camera there somewhere).

    After the test I went back to the ER and waited for the result. I actually ended up falling asleep for a bit as being in pain made me tired and the medications helped the process.

    In the end the physician returned and told me I had a Kidney Stone and was was going to give me a few medications to help with pain and to pass the stone. Then out of the blue I was caught by complete surprise when I heard, ".... it may also help with your urinary incontinence ...."

    I was given a referral to a urologist and headed home with the girlfriend. Once we got in the car all we could do was laugh.

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    Oh my, that sounds like a terrible ordeal. Have you passed the stone yet? I kind of like the idea of being in the hospital in a diaper. They really don't care what you're wearing -- I'm sure they're no strangers to diapers and have bigger things to worry about anyway. But it's kind of nice to be in a place where you know no one really cares that you're wearing a diaper.

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    Lol at the "Help with your urinary incontinence". Funny stuff. I have would have to assume that the doctors wouldn't care in the least if you were wearing a diaper. Nor would other strangers there, as they would assumes that the diaper would have to be accompanied by a disease/sickness. You could probably walk without any clothes on at all, and, probably, no one would care. But how did you fill up the urine sample and still be wearing a diaper afterwards?

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    Oi. Kidney stones suck. Have had many.

    At least you seem comfortable with the whole diaper thing.

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    I work at a hospital, believe me when I say, they really don't care about you being in a diaper. They are there to help you with whatever medical emergency you are having. In this case, being in a diaper and having a kidney stone, they might have wrongfully put 2 and 2 together and thought you were using diapers because of the obstruction caused by the kidney stone. If I didn't know you, and you came into the ED (Emergency Department) wearing a diaper ans suffering in pain from a kidney stone, I would probably think " hmm, this guy obviously didn't want to have any accidents, so that might be why he' wearing a diaper". Because with kidney stones, sometimes you can start going, but then it burns or gets obstructed and then you CAN'T continue, but then again at a later time, you might be able to go again, or you might have an accident because the obstruction might have moved around.

    And of all the things seen in an ED,,,,diapers might be strange, but trust me,,,people have come in with far more embarrassing things going on.

    But, yea, even I would be on the edge with embarrassment if I were going into an ED and didn't realize it until after I was checking in. Might I ask what kind/brand of diaper you had on at the time?

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    My urologist follow up. I guess I have UI based on an ultrasound that was done in the hospital (drugged up and did not remember that they did that test in the ER and lifting up the gown). Then did the same test in his office after I gave another sample. I guess it is to test to see urine in the bladder following a void?

    I wonder if my insurance will cover the diapers? LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    ... Have you passed the stone yet? ...
    Yes! (Sorry for the delay in reply ... email activation and lycos giving me problems)

    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewThatsMyName View Post
    ... But how did you fill up the urine sample and still be wearing a diaper afterwards?

    Quote Originally Posted by LunaCat View Post
    ... At least you seem comfortable with the whole diaper thing.
    Thank you. It is just part of me and it is not like I walk around in public with no pants.

    Quote Originally Posted by dlCherub View Post
    ... Might I ask what kind/brand of diaper you had on at the time?
    Providers Choice. I know I completely attacked that company for their operational practices (which they cleaned up and corrected as a result); however, they have a great product. Never going back to Depends.

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    I'm glad you passed it, but I'm sorry for the diagnosis of UI. I've been going to a Urologist since I was about 5, due to a whole spectrum of bladder issues. But, I'm happy that you seem in good spirits about all of this.

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    I'm glad it passed! I know they suck really terribly when they're moving.

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    yep...kidney stones, kidney infections and UTI's. i have had them all. worse pain i have ever gone also in diapers full time and have been my whole life. some times the dr has an idea of my medical history which goes back to when i was born and some times i have to answer odd questions but you learn to deal with it. now a days i mention it upfront.

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    My god never again, it was possibly the worst pain ever, but the thing is with kidney stones is that not only do they hurt like hell, but the pain cannot be relieved, I've tried to but nothing really helps to relieve the pain. Since my last kidney stone (2 years ago) happened when I didn't have any health insurance, I didn't go to the doctor and had to bare the pain without any help. Ugh never again, I hope I never get another one ever again, same for all of you guys too.

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