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    My girlfriend wants me to order some diapers for her and I to try. I don't know what her waist size is, however due to her hip size I'm not sure what kind to get her. I will not disclose her hip size (since she'd say it's private). This brings me to my question: (Girls)How do you measure yourself for diapers? Is it waist, hips or both?

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    For both men and women it's always best to go by the larger of the two.

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    I haven't ever measured myself for diapers - I just figured medium would fit me, and they do so I've always bought medium since.

    But if I were to measure myself for a diaper I would measure both, and ensure that the diaper you get is large enough for the biggest size. Most diapers overlap in their sizes (eg: small might be 70-90cm and medium 80-110cm) and so I would try to get a diaper which accomodated both hip and waist size (so if hips were 85 and waist 75 I'd get small), but if the sizes don't overlap (eg: hips 95 and waist 75) then I would go for the larger diaper of the two.

    Also, if you already own and wear diapers then I suggest you have her try on one of your diapers. Even if you know that she will not be the same size as you, seeing how small/large your diapers are on her could help you both get a better idea of which size she will need.

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    Hips are important for girls since they are usually bigger. But since diapers fit a wide range of sizes you can probably look at her pants and go by that.

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    Thank you so much everyone for your comments and suggestions. We've just decided that I'll get a size large and/or have her try on some of mine. I've been meaning to get a larger size anyways. For some reason medium size Bambinos don't fit me. :P

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    I go with my hip measurements because I can always cinch the waist in tighter. If the waist fits but the hips don't, it's uncomfortable.

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    Thank you, that's what I figured (girls have big hips ), however most diaper companies only seem to give waist size only. :P So I guess what I'm asking now is there a way to approximate how something will fit you by hips based on the waist size they give you?

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