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Thread: I wish people truly understood pup play...

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    Default I wish people truly understood pup play...

    i don't understand wh yppl cant understand this: The act of collaring is not then being taken as a possession, but a releasing to that deep inner need all pups have to give of ourselves to those whom we love until there is nothing more to give - safe in the knowledge that what we surrender is held safe for us and then returned, stronger than before.

    When i say to my Master: "i am YOURS" it is in willing sacrifice and conscious submission - a recognition that i submit my body to His desire, my mind to His care, and my heart to His love.

    got that from here [link removed due to sexual even has a sexual content warning when you click on it ]

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    I can understand you, being another petplayist and embracing every moment I let the kitten in me out. And I to find collaring to be a more emotional intimate thing two beings can share, and act of displaying one's trusts and unconditional affection to another.

    I believe this thread to be more about collaring (be it a m/s relationship, or any form of play) than just pup play itself. So, I'm just wondering what others opinions on collaring is.

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    im wondering that too, used to have a master just online tho... ex blabbed my freakin mother found out ... end of that she even took my collar and threw it away without talking to me about it... it wasn't only sexual but greatly emotional being collared by that guy was the best feeling in my life will never feel that way again

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    People fear things they don't understand, and since many people view pets as possessions, they figure that pup play is much the same thing. They don't understand why someone would want to "relegate" themselves to the status of a mere pet, a mere possession. They don't understand the emotional aspects of it, for both parties, as it's something that's beyond the imaginations of many people.

    Collaring, either in a pup play sense, or in a master/slave sense, et cetera, is entirely about the willing devotion of one's entire self to someone they love and trust by the submissive, and it's about protecting and bringing out the full potential of someone they love for the dominant. Taken on its own, one could almost think of the collar as a more potent form of a wedding ring, as both are symbols of devotion to a love.

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