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Thread: Boxer/briefs or compression/bicycle shorts?

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    Default Boxer/briefs or compression/bicycle shorts?

    Which would you suggest. I'm looking to contain the noise a bit more while wearing in public, as well as keep them from sagging. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    The other day I wore tight Calvin Klein boxers over my Depend at school and no one noticed a thing! I think tight boxers are the best because they really cling to your body.

    You can also push the higher part of the diaper under the waist band of the boxers, so nothing will show if you bend over or if you take off your shirt.

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    I use a pair of stretch pants which I get from my diaper supplier. The sort if thing that you would use with a Tena slip.

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    I usually wear boxers over diapers when in public as noise reduction and first line of defense against leaks.

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    I wear 24/7 so when I'm exercising I wear a Depends pull-up underneath a high quality light weight boxer brief. I've run miles and played sports in this setup and it works perfect. I have a pair of bicycle shorts for road biking, but they are tight and I don't wear them otherwise. Remember, you don't want your crotch too tight because you will have heat issues and chaffing down there.

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