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Thread: If you were president....

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    Default If you were president....

    If you became president, what would you do and why?

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    Well, dear MichKat5, it depends on what I become president of. My university? Some random country? A club, perhaps? I'm afraid the question isn't framed in a way that is very clear.

    And right to the point, what would you do as president (whatever that entails)?


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    what would i do?

    prolly not much as congress would have to approve it and they wouldnt.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If I was the President of the United States, I'd do the following:

    -- Cut military spending in half (we don't need a military presence in dozens of foreign nations).
    -- Call for legislation (and sign legislation) that would end tax-exempt status for religion (they are corporations and should pay taxes as such).
    -- Call for legislation that would revoke and state-level laws that violate the "equal protection under the law" statute. This means all the anti-gay state amendments would be canceled.
    -- Call for legislation (and sign legislation) that would tax the rich and end corporate welfare.
    -- Demand (and sign) legislation that grants the citizenry the dame health insurance that members of congress receive.

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    What would I do?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Best Presidency in recent history in this country.

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    If I were president.... hmm.

    Honestly, I think I'd dissolve the United States completely for one year and let all of our States become independent nations. After the year, the states that want to join back in can. If not, they can remain their own country.

    Or I'd invade Mexico.
    (Just kidding.)

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    First, I feel the need to point out that the president of the United States is not all powerful. The system of checks and balances greatly limits the power of the president. But, for simplicity's sake I'll assume that I have no opposition.
    Some of the things I would do are as follows;
    -End our current foreign "wars" but still leave troops at strategic outposts around the world,
    -Increase benefits to the poor and disabled,
    -Decrease the pay of all politicians,
    -Provide state issued health care to all citizens,
    -Put religious organizations under the same scrutiny as other charitable organizations,
    -Legalize gay marriage,
    -Eliminate tax loopholes,
    -Severely Penalize companies for outsourcing work to other countries,
    -Legalize all recreational drugs, while placing the same restrictions on them as alcohol.

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    Presidency is silly... I'd rather be a Queen or Empress...
    I'm still waiting for a Kirin to come bow to me and make me a ruler of some country~

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    I would guy marrying legal.

    gays are people to

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    If I was dictator, I would:
    Cut the budget for the war on drugs by about 20% to begin with, then legalize and tax marijuana.
    after which I'd start a mandate to only allow two childbirths per family, which would help slowly reduce the population in a healthy and safe manner.
    Then I'd work on uniting the world so we could start working on expanding throughout the universe through space-ships launched by nuclear detonation.

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