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Thread: diaper stretching and retaping

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    Question diaper stretching and retaping

    Talking about plastic backed diapers... I wear bambino, 247, and abena xplus and have noticed that with all three of them, the outer shell material stretches quite a bit right after I put them on.

    I mean, I tape the lowers so the diaper is nice and snug around my legs so I don't leak, and the tops in toward each other so it's snug around my tummy but not uncomfortable. And then an hour later I notice both areas are loose and I have to adjust tapes, pulling the top and legs tight again.

    For the abena and 247 that have retapes this isn't too much of an issue since they have another set, although the lift tap on the first tape can get in the way for a small adjustment, I make sure to fold it back out of the way so the second tape has a good place to stick to. For the bambino that has tape panels instead of retapes, the top tapes I can move in, but the lowers I can only move in on the mediums. To be able to move the tapes in on the large's lowers requires them to start up on the taping panel, and for my waist size 36, that means I can't tape around the legs with the lowers, because there's no tape panel down there. I still seem to get the material stretch to a degree though that way, but when I move the tapes down and around a little later, the material stretches there too and the legs loosen up over time and there's no fixing that and I often end up leaking as a result.

    What are your thoughts/experiences/ideas on "diaper stretch"? Maybe some way to pre-stretch? or diapers that don't stretch? If I diaper up just before going to work, I always have to pull things in while at work lest I leak later or especially while driving home.

    Also I've heard several mention "blowouts"... is that when you tape too tight and the diaper rips open unexpectedly? I don't want to risk that...

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    I've had some experience with stretching with plastic diapers. I wear Tena slip and while I'm seemed to get a bit better at it then when I started wearing them they do stretch a bit after putting them on and if you stretch it too far yourself by taping up too tight the tabs will break. Of course as well the tighter you tape up the more stretched they will be and then the looser as a result.

    I guess what I have learned though is that instead of pulling the back tighter so you can tape them on the front closer to each other pull out the front a bit tighter and tap a little looser then you would. I find that by doing this the whole things lasts longer and also I found that even with a messing they will still hold and no worries of anything going anywhere you wouldn't want it. Maybe if you’re having trouble with diapers wearing out too quick this might be of a little help.

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    I know all too well the problem you're describing. It's annoying to have a snug diaper in the morning only to find it falling to your ankles by afternoon!

    For most diapers, it helps to pre-stretch them. When I unfold a fresh diaper, I grab it right around the tapes and pull the wings hard away from each other. I try to do the same to the front wings. Give that a try.

    Molicare has a special plastic they use that is more elastic, and doesn't stretch out of shape. I frequently wear Molicare Classics during the day, as they have good tapes and stay snug all day. Unfortunately, the Supers have those new rubberized tapes and I've had problems with them breaking.

    Stay dry (and snug) and happy!

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    Awww dude, blowouts are awful D:

    Last sunday when I wore my first bambinos, it happened to me. they were too wet and snug, so When I sat down on my bed they ripped off on the back and the center. I was wearing pants over the diaper, so it wasn't that much of a mess to clean but I still leaved a trail of SAP on my way to the bathroom XD

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    Sometimes I will add a vertical strip of packing tape in a slight diagonal on the front of my Abenas so that I'm attaching both tapes to the strip instead of directly to the diaper plastic. It seems to do a good job at keeping the plastic on the front of the diaper from stretching or tearing and makes it much easier to refasten the diaper if I need to. You can also run a piece of packing tape vertically along the edge of the plastic were the tapes attach to the back of the diaper and that can help to keep the plastic from stretching. It also does a good job keeping the tape tabs from ripping off if they do get a little stretched.

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    I too have had the same problem with the outer plastic stretching after being tapped. I suspect that this problem is a 'universal' problem when it comes to all plastic backed diapers. Over the years of wearing diapers I have come up with an idea that greatly reduces the 'plastic stretch' factor. However, I should point out, that once I use the duct tape, the diaper can not be refastened later, however, it does help to reduce even stop the plastic stretching problem. I use a pieces of transparent duct tape about 6 inches in length. I duct tape over top of the existing diaper tape tab. I put about 3 inches of the duct tape ust behind where the diaper tape tab starts, and then pull the diaper tighter a little bit which causes the diaper to sorta fold over on itself a little bit. Then the remaining 3 inches of duct tape, I tape to the front of the diaper. I use Transparent duct tape so that the color or design of the diaper remains visible from underneath. I came up with the idea by borrowing the principle of walking on thin ice of soft snow. In essence, you want top spread your weight out over more of the ice or snow and not have so much weight centered onto one specific spot, which causes you to fall through. Well, it's kinda the same with diaper plastic. You have all the 'pulling-apart' force narrowed down to the specific area of the diaper tape tab. If you used a larger piece of tape, that 'pulling-apart' force it distributed to more surface area of the diaper and the plastic stretching is greatly reduced, and even stopped, because you are pulling on more area of plastic. I included a lil diagram of my idea that I use,,,,pardon my lack of detail in my drawing, but you'll get the idea of what I'm showing.

    Think of the green area as the existing diaper tape. The blue is the transparent duct tape. And as you can see what I meant by the diaper folds over on itself a little bit. I use this technique on the upper tape tabs and simple lay a strip of duct tape over the top of the lower tape tabs. This helps to prevent tape tabs popping loose and helps reduce / prevent plastic stretch. Just my idea on the topic
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'd considered pre-stretching them but didn't know how well that would work out.

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