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Thread: Plushies, why should they be an embarrassment?

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    Default Plushies, why should they be an embarrassment?

    Much to the chagrin of my flatmates, I still have quite a few plushies from when I lived at home(and some from more recent days). I cuddle with them while watching television, several join me on ski trips, they even hang out with me when I'm doing homework. They are an almost constant presence when I am around.
    For some, however, they would be deathly afraid to admit even owning a plushie, much less carrying one around in public. Its as though there is something taboo about it, something wrong with it. So they get rid of all of their plushies, or stuff them in a box in the attic, or find some way to keep their friends from seeing them.
    In my travels I found that nobody really cares. When I started wearing a plush wolf back-pack while teaching, I didn't get any negativity. Even some of the macho, cooler-than-thou snowboard instructors thought that it was cute. My roomies don't care that I sleep with a german shepherd, or that I cuddle with it while watching T.V., they just wish I wouldn't leave it in the living room, lest someone think that it's theirs.
    I really think the embarrassment developed because we were all 13 once in our lives, a time when we were 'grown-up' and didn't want to be children anymore, so we tried to get rid of all the little-kid stuff in our lives, and openly mocked and derided anyone who didn't act like all the cool older kids. Stuffed lions weren't cool anymore, it was all about playing videogames with the 'm' rating and making fun of third-graders.
    Now, when as head out into the world, we look down at Mr. Bear, and despite how comforting he is, we still hear the taunts and jeers of millions of 13 year-olds. We've conditioned ourselves to think we will be made fun of for appearing childish. We do this to ourselves, the only one who cares if you still have stuffed animals lying around is you. Your room-mates don't care, your boss doesn't care, your professors don't care. If you have a favorite plushie that you still cuddle with, stand up and be noticed, because nobody cares.

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    All good points. It's very true that adolescents are more obssessed than anyone with appearing like adults (or how they believe adults appear, which isn't always the same thing). Though I can't help feeling sometimes if the teasing doesn't derive from a secret envy of people who have the confidence to carry on being a little childish in public. Most thirteen-year-olds, in my observation, aren't happy about having to put away their childish side, even if they feeled socially compelled to. I have pointed a couple of younger relatives in the direction of the quote in my sig. Whether it's done any good, I have no idea.

    I can't really say I've experienced it though - now that I come to think of it, all the kids I was friends with at school hung on to a favourite plushie or two, even if they never left their bedrooms. No-one ever bothered hiding them if they had friends over, and no-one ever commented. I think it was practically the accepted norm. Then again, at my school, if hanging onto to plushies was the greatest of your eccentricities, you were probably in the wrong place.

    I have a couple of favourites - a very old stuffed dragon named Figment who has slept with me 90% of the time for 27 years, and a slightly larger Eeyore who I bought a few years ago, because he's just so cuddly (and I tend to identify with Eeyore - Eeyore-ishness is regarded as a quintessentially English character trait, just as Americans seem to be seen as quintessentially Tigger-ish).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    (and I tend to identify with Eeyore - Eeyore-ishness is regarded as a quintessentially English character trait, just as Americans seemed to be seen as quintessentially Tigger-ish).
    So, Brits are all clinically depressed, and Yanks are all hopped up on coke... I hate how much sense that makes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zedd View Post
    So, Brits are all clinically depressed, and Yanks are all hopped up on coke... I hate how much sense that makes.
    The original (i.e. pre-Disney) portrayal of Eeyore is rather more sardonic, cynical and world-weary than clinically depressed. Likewise, Tigger was not quite so hyperkinetic in the books.

    Besides, it would probably be more accurate to assert that Tigger simply stole all of Eeyore's Prozac and overdosed on it.
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    I have plushies too. I got most of them as a kid and just could never let go really. I always had them on my bed. Actually, what I would do is line them up by size on the top part of the bed and leave them there while I slept. They took up a third of the bed. eventually there numbers dwindled down but I still have quite a few and have a really big one I like laying next to. Though don't actually take them around outside of my room. I'm not sure what to do with them so I now just let them lay at the foot of my bed, all lined up. Plushies are just really great things, cuddly and soft and cute. Everyone needs a plushie.

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    I find it funny how guys are forced to grow up by society and it is okay for girls to have some childish things like plushies. That's probably why there is such a higher ratio of male to females that are *B/DL. My favorite portrayal is in movies where a guy hits on the "still innocent girl" and when they go to her room, the bed is full of stuffed animals and the guy quickly brushes them off the bed when he sits down.

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    I've got a rather large collection of plushies. I've had to get kind of selective about which ones I take home with me, though. I've got so many that they don't all fit in my room and some are trapped in storage at the moment. ( ) It always makes me sad when I have to get rid of any. I did pick up a plushie opossum last week, though. He was in the plushie bin at the Goodwill store and wrapped his tail around my arm. (Literally. It's curled and it got hooked on me.) I pulled him out and started laughing. This old lady nearby kind of eyed me and went to the other side of the aisle. :P It was just such an odd thing that I had to take him home with me. Him and the cute musical wind-up giraffe.

    I have no shame when it comes to plushies. I never developed it. I don't carry them everywhere with me anymore, but I do absolutely take a few with me when I'm going on long trips. When I went to Florida for vacation a plush dog and a rabbit went with me. The housecleaning staff would always make sure to sit them back up on the bed.

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    When I was a child I always slept with a blanket, but when I was about 10 a few of my friends found out and teased me about it. I decided that sleeping with a blanket was 'uncool' and stopped sleeping with it, and instead chose to sleep with stuffed animals instead. Although for a few years I didn't have a favourite stuffed animal I have slept with one almost every night since - at 16 my plushie collection must have been about 250. I had two single beds in my room, one for me and one for all of my stuffed animals! I did then decide that maybe I had more than necessary and stuffed several bin-liners full of them and demoted the majority to the attic, but before that I had friends over and although they would sometimes remark on the size of my collection no-one ever thought it weird.

    I agree with Dean that it is probably more acceptable for girls to sleep with plushies. My ex-boyfriend bought me numerous stuffed animals in the time that we were together (he was not aware I'm an AB) and was happy for some of them to sleep in the bed with us and nobody thinks it odd when they see the stuffed animals I have in my room now. neither my male or female friends have ever thought my stuffed animals were odd (although I can't say the same about my pacifier collection) and my housemate sleeps with a plushie, and so did a few of the other girls I shared a house with in my first year of university. I think girls are perhaps more likely to be sentimental about things from their childhood (or at least, be more open about that sentimentality) and are not expected to shun items of childhood by their peers in quite the same way that boys are, and so there was never really a period in my teenagerdom where I felt I had to turn away from all the childish things I liked.

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    I love my plushies, but I am sadly not comfortably leaving them out for the world to see. Too many people see them as girly or childish. I even managed to get a few odd looks when I bought some of them, especially with the larger ones. I've been made fun of before for admitting to some of my childish interests, but I have also had friends who shared similar interests or who didn't care. Regrettably with what seems to be the majority against such things I keep that part of my life hidden.

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    I'm am marred and I still sleep with my Plushies wolf Toko funny name I know I whas three win I Named him. I have no sham of sleeping with my Toko and my wife thinks it cute.

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