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Thread: Is being born with a tail a premature sign of a furry?

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    Default Is being born with a tail a premature sign of a furry?

    Because I just watch an episode of That 70s Show where Eric said his sister was born with a tail.. I did some research on google and it seems you can be born with a tail.

    But this was the first thing that popped onto my head.
    I mean it's a silly thought, but it could happen...

    You know typing this is making me seem how stupid how this thought is.

    Oh well..
    What do you guys think?

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    I bet someone would get a transdermal tail attachment if it wouldn't be painful as s**t. Actually if you google transdermal furry tail someone has already inquired about it lol If you're wondering what a transdermal is image below and Wiki for your answer cause I can't figure out how to explain it >.<.

    The spikes on his head

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    Umm, strictly, no. Plus, most babies (I really mean MOST) have their tail cut out. I don't think that these kids or teenagers that, in case they grew up with it, like it very much.

    It may use incontinence as an analogy: It is a condition that obligates some to wear diapers, which they absolutely hate. Though, there are some that enjoy doing so.

    Although I've never heard of a furry with a real tail (from birth), I think they're not related at all.

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    To answer your question, no, I do not believe that being born with a tail would predetermine one as being a furry. We all have a tail at some point in our development, most of the time it disappears as we develop, however, in those cases where it remains it is sometimes caused by the prolongation of the coccygeal vertebrae while other times it is just never fully "absorbed" during development, in these cases the tail is made primarily of adipose tissue (fat), blood vessels, etc.

    Anyways, it's really a physical issue and not so much a psychological issue, but, if it wasn't removed at birth, I can kind of see how in some cases it could cause a psychological predisposition towards becoming a furry that would develop during adolescence. But, I highly doubt that most children would be excited about having a tail.

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