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Thread: Hihi, I am Kilo

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    Default Hihi, I am Kilo

    Hihi, I am new here. My character is a 65ft tall diaperfur named Kilo =3.

    I came across this place awhile ago and was interested but was afraid of posting ^^;. I hope to enjoy it here =3.

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    Oh *looks up, then waves* Hi, Kilo! You shouldn't be afraid.. actually, we are the ones who should be afraid *sweatdrop* Just kidding.

    So, what other things do you like besides the things you just mentioned?

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    Sadly, I get that allot . Don't worry, I am very friendly =3.

    Well, I enjoy computers (even though its what I do for a living now), gaming, and science. Also, obviously I am into diapers (DL) and macro/micro (which yes, that is a rather rare combination ^^; ).

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    For a second I was thinking that you where into both micro and macro economics, and I was like "how is that an odd combination?". Then I realized I was being silly

    Your fursona is about the length of a cricket pitch (according to Wolfram|Alpha), any chance it's because you enjoy cricket?

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC,


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    Silly :P, its about people and/or furs who are rather larger or much larger than normal (macro) or smaller or much smaller than normal (micro) ^^;. Also, I don't know much about cricket sadly, being American and not growing up with it.

    Thanks ^-^.

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