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Thread: my bedwetting

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    Default my bedwetting

    I bin having this bed wetting problem. I wet the bed tall I whas 13 than it stared back up at 16 and stopped at 17. Than win I went on my honeymoon I started to wetting the bed a gin. (Why on my honeymoon?!?!?) every time I go to a doter it's the same thing every time Thar is nothing wrong with me. is Thar any bitty out Thar going thru this. I like wearing diapers and wetting my sloth but on my trams Not my bladder trams. I'm just glad that my wife is under standing in the madder.

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    im sorry, thats too bad hun...
    i wet till i was about 16, then i started back wetting at night again a couple years ago, but it was on purpose.
    idk wut to tell ya hun... best of luck tho

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    Thanks it's something I'm us to it just I wish it didnt happen on my honeymoon.

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    are you lieing... you just told me last week you didn't even have a gf and lied about that....

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