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    Well I went to go print out my resume today and my black ink is out. So I removed it and let the color cartridge do it. Well apparently black in the color cartridge is more of a royal blue. So my resume is royal blue.

    royal blue

    royal blue

    Something like those two colors. Although the first one is more violet than my resume. So what I'm asking is should I go and have it printed somewhere else or will royal blue work? It looks fine in my opinion. A bit of subtle color.

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    Well, every CV I've ever seen has been printed in black ink, but I don't think that there's any actual rule on the subject. All employers generally require is high contrast, so that it's easy to read. I suppose that if they have a lot of applicants, then they could use ink colour as a first-stage screening mechanism, but in my experience, spelling and grammar are more commonly used for that. You'll probably be fine.

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    Imo it's unlikely to matter. They'll be much more concerned with what it says than if your ink has a subtle color.

    I used to get my resumes printed at a copy shop on my uni campus. In the end, the job I got was from one ob plain paper printed from any old printer. So, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    That just reminded me i need to go and print out some more CVs.

    I haven't had ink in my printer for years. I don't need it. I rarely need to print things and when i do, i can print for free at college, Or do 10p per page at a library

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    The "black" is actually a combination of all the colors. An expensive way to print, but if you had to do it right then, so be it.

    You might actually find it works to your advantage. In a stack of 100 resumés, yours will stand out. No manager has time to read every one that crosses the transom. Most are lucky to get even a half-second scan.

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    The interview went well and she even commented on the color. Said it looked very classy and pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyPanda View Post
    The interview went well and she even commented on the color. Said it looked very classy and pleasant.
    So there you go. Hope you said something like "Meant to do that...."

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    Well I said my printer ran out of black ink and that it came out royal blue and that I prefer it now over black in. She said yes it's very classy and pleasant.

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    Glad the interview went well. It was also a great way to think outside the box and get your resume noticed, even if it was an accident.

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