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Thread: does being a diaper lover have to be sexual?

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    Default does being a diaper lover have to be sexual?

    I'm not fully sure where to put this but due to the topic maybe here will be better then elsewhere.

    Even though as the colour of my name suggests at time of writing, I'm rather new here and I feel happy in that I seem welcome here and have enjoyed posting. I have seen that a number of other people joining around when I came or after things had been very different because of the way they approached topics as well. Something that does seem a link however is that some don't approach things in a pg-13 kind of way when saying they are DL.

    It has got me thinking a little on the topic though. When it comes to things of a sexual nature I can be pretty naive for my age really but I've listed myself as DL as well on here. The main question really because of that is does DL have to mean something in a more sexual sense or can it just be liking them but without going into the AB/TB side of things? As much as I have a sense of liking them and feeling like they help me operate in the real world better as well, there isn't really anything with regards to any sort of excitement ether. I fully understand that one thing to a person could be something very different to someone else but when looking at other sites as well, trying to figure what is a norm is hard.

    I think overall, maybe I'm giving this more thought then what's really needed. I'm like that with a lot of things really, always asking questions and trying to find out about things I don't fully understand. One of the things I like most about here however unlike other sites I've seen on many different topics is that it doesn't have to be sexual or on topic all the time. While I feel much more at ease about diapers and myself then I once was, I do still wonder if I'm really given the right impression of who I am by what I relate myself to.

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    Tricky. While both AB and DL are both heavily object-oriented desires; for many ABs, artefacts associated with infancy are simply a means to the end of an emotional regression to the state of infancy, which is often just a comfort and stress-relieving mechanism. The objects themselves are of no real significance. That doesn't preclude an AB from having a paraphillia as well, or even that being their principle interest - but overall, AB doesn't necessarily have to be sexual. DL, on the other hand, revolves exclusively around a very specific object. If you are not deriving any form of sexual gratification from wearing nappies, then you must be getting some form of comfort or security. What is the nature of this comfort to you, if you do not believe that it is tied to a latent desire to regress?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    If you are not deriving any form of sexual gratification from wearing nappies, then you must be getting some form of comfort or security. What is the nature of this comfort to you, if you do not believe that it is tied to a latent desire to regress?
    Well part of the nature of the comfort wearing them gives is not worrying when I'm going to come up short when trying to make it to the toilet =X I guess because of that they give me the confidence going out that I seem to have lost a bit of along the way through not being 100% well (Crohn’s). I’m sure what comfort I get from them is mostly to do with that.

    I'm sure the idea of wanting to regress wouldn't make much sense to me though. When I was a child I was very stubborn and also I wanted to be able to do things for myself and that's the only way I've ever remembered myself being. A lot of people when regressed seem to like being fussed about and things like that. I am aware though that being an AB and what they do varies between people and like different things for different reasons. None of it however is something I feel I relate to as strongly though.

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    You can like wearing cozy socks and it doesn't have to be sexual. I don't really see the difference.

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    I have always thought that *B is mostly wanting to be a baby again and enjoying the feeling of diapers, pacifier,baby clothes etc... On a emotional level

    And DL would be enjoying diapers on a more sexual level than *B... But I'm not sure about this, it's just how I have understood it.

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    Maybe the answer to the question isn't as straight forward as yes or no. Looking at some of the other points here if there was an answer it would depend on your own interpretation of the question. How you decide if DL is a sexual thing or not depends on how you interpret the word love in the title. When putting it like that, the topic is almost regardless as for some love can be sexual and for others just really like something. It's a lot like the last 2 posts on it here. Maybe to a degree even if some people might not agree, being a DL just is what it is and that it will change from person to person.

    I’m sure talking about a topic like this wouldn’t be limited to just diapers ether. I know really that loads of things deep down can be looked at in the same light. After all people are attracted to all sorts of different things.

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    Wearing diapers is not at all sexual for me. I am definitely an AB - I am drawn towards most baby paraphernalia, to childish books and cartoons and toys etc and I enjoy the opportunity to regress. But, when I first came to this site I introduced myself, and classed myself, as a DL as well, because sometimes when I choose to wear diapers I am very much doing so as my adult pursona, rather than from the point of view as an AB. Sometimes when I wear diapers I want to be all little and snuggled up in a sleeper, but sometimes I just like to wear them because they make me feel safe. In that way I kind of see myself as a lover of diapers.

    I only found out when becoming more active on adisc that the term 'diaper lover' is almost always taken to mean somebody who enjoys using diapers for sexual gratification, or at least here on adisc it is. When I realised that I stopped referring to myself as a DL, because diapers are not in any way sexual for me, which people would probably assume on reading I was a DL. I previously thought being a 'diaper lover' meant being somebody who enjoyed wearing diapers outside of ageplay/regression, in practice though it seems to mean being somebody who enjoys wearing diapers for sexual gratification. I am not sure really where someone who enjoy wearing diapers outside of ageplay/regression for non-sexual reasons would place themselves. I now just call myself an AB, because I certainly am an AB, it is just that at times I will wear diapers outside of ageplay/regression but rather as my adult self. If I wasn't an AB, but just liked wearing diapers for comfort etc then I would to be wondering this.

    I guess though the answer to your question is that it is certainly possible to be somebody who likes wearing diapers, but does not wear them for sexual pleasure and is not interested in the AB side of things. In that way I guess you can be a diaper lover, a 'lover' of diapers, who does not find diapers sexual. However, if you refer to yourself as a 'diaper lover' here on adisc, and in most of the AB/DL community, then people will probably assume that you are somebody who wears/uses diapers for sexual pleasure, as this is generally what the term diaper lover has come to mean here.

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    I kind of resent the fact that the term 'diaper lover' is so frequently tied to only sexual desires. I won't deny that there is a sexual component to this for me but I would say that it is a smaller factor in my love of diapers. I like wearing them, even in a very non-sexual way and lack of sexual desire on my part does not equate to lack of a desire to wear them. Like many have said, there is a very strong comfort and security aspect to it.

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    Everywhere I look on the internet, it seems that the definition of 'Diaper Lover' is diaper fetishist. Personally, I think DL should stand for anyone who enjoys diapers, for whatever reason.

    When I see 'DL' under somebody's name, I don't automatically assume it's sexual. If there is one thing I've learned from this board, it's that everybody is a *B/DL/BF for different reasons. If AB doesn't necessarily imply anything sexual, why can't the same apply to DL?

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    Being DL doesn't necessarily mean that it is entirely sexual (if at all). Some wear because it just feels comfortable. I don't care at all for roleplay or feeling young or anything else of the sort, but when I'm not in "the mood", and I find myself wearing anyways, it's just because it feels good.

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