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Thread: For the Australians!!

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    Default For the Australians!!

    So to be honest i am a disposable nappy/diaper lover. however recently i have had the urge to try the reusable ones - folded with plastic pants.

    so, my question is - does anyone know where these can be purchased from in Australia??? - i am about 23 yrs old with a size 30 waist - i live in Queensland however it doesn't matter if you know of a place interstate.

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    Ebay australia has a good selection. Check out physiosupplies too (based in brisbane I think).

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    ah, a fellow queenslander... i hope you've survived the storms?

    Thanks to SuperTed... I've always wondered where i can get my hands on some Diapers in Australia...

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    physio supplies is a great! place, i greatly recommend them, bought a 2 packs of abena x-plus, where very friendly, etc.
    they even support the *B/DL community

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