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Thread: Renter's Insurance?

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    Default Renter's Insurance?

    Seeing as there have been a string of robberies in my apartment complex (that I just heard about today - after the teenagers who were up to it have been caught) - I am starting to think that maybe it won't be such a bad idea to invest in renter's insurance.

    The thing is, I don't know where to start looking for such a plan. I've never had to deal with any such insurance agencies at any point in my life before.

    I know, this is a stupid question, but how should I go about this?

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    Most insurance companies offer renter's insurance (State farm, Geico, Progressive, etc.) Is is easiest to get it through your auto insurer if you have an auto policy. It is usually pretty cheap (Mine is less than $20 a month). You just decide how much coverage you want and the insurance company will give you a quote based on the amount of coverage. It is usually effective immediately.

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    Heh, I've never had auto insurance, either, seeing as I've never had a car (or even a driver's license).

    I guess I'll start asking around tomorrow. Are there anything I should take as a red flag if an insurance agency tries to pull it on me? I've never dealt with any of these people directly before, sorry if that's a silly question.

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    There is not near as much involved in a renter's policy as say a homeowners policy, so a lot less area to get "taken".

    One big thing to check on the policy is whether it gives you actual value or replacement value on insured items. Actual value takes depreciation into account. It compensates you for what the item is worth at it's present age. (eg. If you bought a HDTV five years ago for $1000, they are not going to give you $1000 for it because it is 5 years old). Replacement value compensates you for what it would cost to replace it. Thus, replacement value coverage is better.

    Also be sure to note any exclusions, (water damage, natural disasters, etc.) as sometimes these are the things you are looking for coverage for. Some big ticket items require additional specific coverage, but I am sure they will try to sell you this coverage.

    My policy also gives me coverage on my possessions outside my home. They are covered if they are stolen from my car or something similar.

    Just be sure to really asses how much you have...many people under estimate what their stuff is worth.

    Hope this helps!

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    Renters Insurance is a good investment all around. It protects you from someone else's stupidity like having their apartment catch on fire and your belongings get ruined in the process. Pretty much without any kind of renters insurance you are screwed if this happens. It's too bad you don't have a car that carries insurance because most insurance companies give discounts on multiple policies. I have lived in an apartment ever since I retired from the military over 14 years ago and have carried renters insurance since I moved in. My apartment complex does not require it but strongly recommends having it. Good luck in your decision and I hope that you can find a policy that works for you!

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