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Thread: Framerate Issues in Games.

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    Question Framerate Issues in Games.

    I have a laptop and recently bought a monitor. I'm using the monitor as my main display and the laptop screen is not in use. I've noticed since getting a larger screen with a higher resolution that my fps is lower by a considerable amount. Does this have anything to do with my new monitor or am I imagining things?

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    No, it's not just you. Higher resolution means more pixels to push around, which means more work for the GPU, which means slower framerates. If you check any decent graphics card review, you will see it tested at several different resolutions - the higher you go, the slower the framerate.

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    K thanks so if I change my resolution before gaming it will help?

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    Well it's currently set to 1440x900 I think I can give up a bit.

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    That's the resolution set so it looks normal on your monitor. Lowering it will be like stretching a small picture to a larger size, it turns into a fuzzy mess quickly.

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    Changing resolutions was viable in the days of CRT monitors, since the screen isn't broken down into a fixed number of discrete elements. LCDs, on the other hand, look terrible at anything other than their native resolution.

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    Everything on those monitors looked fuzzy, we traded compatibility for definition. I, for one, am not looking back.

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    Neither am I, but you do have to accept the limits that imposes. Resolution tends to scale with monitor size, so if you want a bigger monitor, you either need a more powerful GPU, or you have to accept a lower framerate.

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    Well I fixed it. I changed the resolution in game and it's a lot better now. It just makes like huge black borders on the side of the screen which I don't mind so much.

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