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Thread: Bedwetting is now to easy maybe too easy.

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    Default Bedwetting is now to easy maybe too easy.

    I have been wearing diapers to bed for about 6 weeks I think. I enjoy it vary much. I wake up wet most mornings. Sometimes when my wife checks to see if I am wet she changes me into fresh diapers. I love the feeling of a dry diaper after being wet.I did go to bed without a diaper last night and wet the bed.For the first time I can pee without thinking about it.

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    I kinda laughed at this. This morning I was wondering about the same thing. I had to pee but didn't want to get out of my cozy bed so was contemplating just going in my diaper. Then I got worried I'd start peeing myself when my diaper isn't on so decided to just hold it in till later. Now I know it probably will happen if I start going in my diaper too often. When I first started wearing my diaper it was hard for me to pee. I sat their with a full bladder for over an hour listening to water and trying to pee. Then I sat on the toilet with my diaper on. Since then it's been much easier I think my fiancée would probably leave me if I start peeing the bed lol. What'd your wife say?

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    you might wanna watch with that because wearing too long you'll loose your muscle control and end up having accidents at inconvenient times

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    I believe you can gain control again by not wearing, unless there are too many wet beds. Some of us would be very envious you realize. There have been a few times I have wet while asleep, but I was wearing diapers and "primed". I have noticed, however, that I have a tendency toward urge incontinence if I'm diapered and am holding back. The feeling will follow me the next morning. I think we do condition, or rather, un-condition our bladder. One does need to consider the consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    but I was wearing diapers and "primed".
    Interesting way of putting it

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    She was not happy but not real upset. I had to do some wash I am glad we have a water proof pad on the bed.

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    I am starting my 12th year of being nightly diapered. At first I had to get out of bed and stand up in order to wet. Then I got to the point I could just raise my upper body in bed and wet. After a few weeks of doing this, one night I was just so tired that I just "let it go" as I stayed lying down. From that point on it became alot easier. By the end of the first year I was able to wet my diapers lying down in bed at will, and got to the point I was wetting in my sleep sometimes. By the end of the 2nd year, I think I was wetting my diapers in my sleep more times then not, and by the 3rd year, I just stopped thinking about it.

    Now my wife won't trust me without diapers at night, because there have been a few times (like when our car broke down and we had to stay overnight without diapers) that I honestly wet the bed without waking up and was very embarrassed about it (not to mention how mad my wife was about it. We do carry some diapers in a special container in our car at all times now). Even though this would be considered bad by some people at Adisc, I must admit it gives me a neat "special" feeling knowing that my wife insists on me wearing diapers every night. It's got to the point that after coming home from a hard day at work, I can't wait for nighttime!!

    I asked my wife the other night if she is sorry for letting me get started with diapers seeing I am dependent on them now. She said it was funny that I was asking that because she was just thinking as she was diapering me one night, how many couples our age (we are both in our 60's now) have this intimate of contact EVERYNIGHT (we use cloth diapers and I have very rarely diapered myself, only if she can't possibly do it at the time, and then she will make sure I put them on right later). And she said with a smile, "I still get a little 'charge' when I see my man like this, even if it is putting a diaper on him"!!!

    As you can see, I really TREASURE my wife!!

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    In my experience, it is hard to get in just the right position to wet in bed. Of course now that I am no longer using Depends, it might be better. I would like to be able to wet in my sleep, as lack of control is a big part of my play. However, I would be embarrassed if I wet the bed without a diaper on, so I think I'll just keep on doing it in my diaper when I wake up with the urge. (This happens more frequently as I get older, of course)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandpa View Post
    And she said with a smile, "I still get a little 'charge' when I see my man like this, even if it is putting a diaper on him"!!!

    As you can see, I really TREASURE my wife!!
    I SO envy you, in that your wife actively participates in your diaper situations.

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    I love wearing diapers to bed it makes me feel safe and loved.

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