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    Well, I had placed an order for my first cloth diapers every, plastic pants and a onesie.

    When they came in the mail, I was having problems with sebaceous cysts. Talking about, not only pain, depressing! It took forever to get the package because of the weight of the package and then I couldn't even wear them.

    So... last night on top of everything else my monthly visitor came along. I, finally fed up, just layered myself. I had a pullup on already... then long john silky underwear bc I am having to wear a knee brace and without the underwear it pinches my skin something terrilbe, then basketball shorts, then the cloth diaper, plastic pants and the onesie.

    I think the onesie is a bit big but I haven't washed it yet. ut I look pretty cute I think!

    Now, I need to get motivated and get undressed and into real clothing for the day! But I don't want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why do I have to get up and go????

    Oh and my knee popped out of socket early Saturday morning and I had to go to ER... so this has been a painful weekend for me!

    Oh but how I love the diapered feeling even if I am layered.

    BTW... I looked for the old thing what are you wearing right now but couldn't find it!

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    Being in layers of boosters and diapers is one of the greatest feelings. When I do that I never want to take them off. Unfortunately real life rears it's ugly head and I have to. Sounds like you had a tough time of it for awhile, hope things are much better for you now.

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