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    Default Packaging Dimensions

    So I came up with a cool idea for a thread. If enough people contribute, we may be able to put it in the Wiki.

    I imagine a common wonder is "Will I be able to fit that in this hiding spot?" At least it was for me before I discovered the basement crawlspace.
    You can help by measuring an unopened pack or case of diapers' dimensions, and post them here.

    Type, size (S/M/L), and dimensions (imperial and or metric) are required...

    I'll go first.

    Medium pack - Abena X-Plus (M4)
    (LxWxH), (15.5x7x10.5) in, (39.4x17.8x26.7) cm

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    Unfortunately I am unable to contribute directly here, but I will make a few suggestions if I may. With the wiki in mind, it would help greatly in compiling a table if everybody posted their measurements in the same form. I'd suggest something along the lines of:

    Number in pack:
    (i.e. 12pcs, 24pcs ....)
    Dimensions (cm) H: W: L:
    Dimensions (in) H: W: L:

    It's helpful to supply the dimensions in metric and imperial, so it's easy for people to look up. There are many conversion tools on the internet to do this. It's also important to put the number in the pack if possible, as you can get packs of different sizes for the same size nappy.

    so for the above post it would be:

    If there's an important bit of information I've missed please say. I'll also trawl through the reviews / articles to see if any of this information is in any of them.

    p.s. Could a mod Sticky this so it doesn't get lost?

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    Yeah! do that.... Thanks, Wanderer...
    I'm bad at making threads. That's why I have so few...

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    Another important thing to say is who shipped it. As different companies will use different sized boxes.

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    I don't have anything to add to this, but I did want to say that I would be super helpful to people like me! I wouldn't want to order something like this, come up with a cover story about something medium/small and have the box be totally huge.

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