Various requests were answered today:

  1. Improved the display of ADISC on low-resolution computers. Computers with resolutions as low as 1024x768 should no longer have scroll bars or overlapping text. This fix is experimental - please note any issues in the admin stuff forum.
  2. When editing your profile, "Diaperfur" is now a valid answer to the "interest in diapers" question, and "Furry" is no longer a valid answer for the "sexuality" option.
  3. Removed "Furry" from the list of answers for the "sexuality" option on profiles.
  4. Fixed the bug that prevented posting while using the lightweight/mobile skin. (the one that can be selected using the drop-down in the bottom left of pages)
  5. Fixed the bug causing visitor message conversations using quotes to appear broken.
  6. Fixed the bug preventing group image uploads under some situations.
  7. Fixed the bug causing usernames to show up in the wrong color in some cases.
  8. Fixed the bug where the "last posted by" text displayed incorrectly in some cases.
  9. Fixed the bug where double posts in the greetings forum would not be auto-merged automatically.