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Thread: Touhou Project?

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    Default Touhou Project?

    Is anyone here a fan of the Touhou games and any of the fan related stuff to go with it? For all the anime and related stuff for it I've not seen anyone mention the series and donít even come up in the similar thread list before posting.

    I've always been a fan of old style shoot em ups and I've always loved how wow planned the games are. Also enjoy how pretty some of the attacks can look but I guess some of it is a bit hard for me to do well.

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    I've played a few of them. Don't currently have them, since I seemed to have lost them I do enjoy the danmaku "bullet hell" games as a diversion from the long and involved RPG's I usually play, such as my current one, Demon's Souls, which has the dual qualties of being extremely good, while at the same time making me want to rip it out of the PS3 and stab it every time I play it. Odd how it does that.

    Anyways, I need to re-find the Touhou games. They were nice little gems. Here's a neat little fan made video for your entertainment:

    In the category of other Touhou stuff, I still do have a bunch of figures of the characters, since that's what I mainly collect. The Scarlet sisters are my favorite, as you might guess from the video featuring them above, so thusly:


    Flandre SD

    Remilia SD

    Remilia 2P Color variant

    Also some Marisa and Reimu ones:

    Marisa SD

    Reimu Gift version

    Reimu SD

    Reimu figma

    Yes, I collect way too many figures ^^;

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    Rather fitting video considering my avatar pick =D

    Also can't say I think there is such a thing to have too many figures. While sadly none are Touhou I do have quite a few myself. Most are gifts but some I got myself. I love the Touhou Nendoroids actually but I've found them quite hard to get hold of where I am.

    Hope youíre able to play one of the games again sometime soon.

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