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Thread: can isend someone to the phychiatric hospital

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    Default can isend someone to the phychiatric hospital

    my mother is a huge hypocrite we have argued today like we used to... since i came outta the psychiatric ward on the hospital from being there a week months ago she was doing what they said to and that twas not yelling talking calm not trying to do arguments etc... now she thinks she has the right to y ell cause she is pissed at me and i cant cause im not grown cus im 16.... cunt needs to go to a psychiatric ward for other things too how can i send her to one for help
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    Can you institutionalize someone? Only if they're actively harming themselves or others, you call the police, and their psychiatrists deem her mentally unstable. But that would also mean that you'd possibly be taken away from her and put into a foster care system until you're 18, which means that you'd most likely lose contact with friends and other important people.

    Also, no, her yelling at you doesn't make her a candidate for institutionalization. Didn't you say that her husband died and that she has alcohol and money issues? At least tell your guidance counselor at school that she has her own internal problems.

    She's been through shit and you should pity the poor woman instead of calling her a cunt.

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    Wow... just wow, you called your mother a c*nt for shouting at you?

    /me shakes head.

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    Unless there is reason to believe that your mother is a danger, either to herself or to others, then the answer to your question is probably no. Having somebody taken under psychiatric care should not be something that either loved ones or professionals enter into unless absolutely necessary for the patients well-being. If you have a genuine reason to believe that your mother's psychological well-being is in need of professional help before she hurts herself or somebody else, then it is possible that you would be able to get her sectioned if you had documented and justified reasoning for this. If your mother is displaying unusual behaviour (hallucinations, self-harm, drink/drug dependency, violence, depression, extreme mood-swings etc) and you are worried about her then I suggest you speak to an adult close to the family who you can trust and discuss your worries with them. If they agree that your mother's behaviour seems unusual and a cause for concern then they may be able to help you to seek professional help for your mother. Having her submitted to a psychiatric hospital should be a last resort though, and I would think they would first try having your mother regularly meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist to see if that can improve her problems.

    On the other hand, if all your mother is doing is yelling at you, even for reasons you don't see as valid, then that probably does not qualify as a reason to have her sectioned within a psychiatric unit. Unfortunately, parent-child disagreements are part of being a parent, and part of being a child. These disagreements and arguments definitely heighten when children become teenagers and their opinions become much more cemented than when they were children. Often the teenager's view of the world will be starkly different to their parents', and when you are still living under the same roof as your parents and essentially under their control then this does become a problem. Having your mother sent to a psychiatric hospital will certainly not solve this though, and will likely only work to damage your relationship more.

    Unfortunately, all you can do in these situations is take a step back and remove yourself from the argument, and come back to the issue after time has passed and both parties (in this case you and your mother) have had a chance to calm down and think things over. If, at the moment, the two of you are unable to talk calmly without things escalating into an argument, then perhaps today is not a good day to be discussing this. It may be difficult, particularly in an argument with a parents who may demand to be in control in a situation or find it difficult to listen to their child's opinion, but try to tell your mother that you think it would be better to discuss these issues later, when you can do so calmly, and then leave the argument.

    And don't forget to try and see this from your mother's point of view. I don't know the details as to why she is pissed at you, but try to understand her reasons behind the yelling etc. You don't have to agree with her opinion, but if you can begin to understand or at least consider it then it will be easier to avoid the situations which get you into the heated arguments in the first place. Equally, when the pair of you have cooled down try to encourage her to see things from your point of view.

    Without knowing any more details it's hard for me to comment any more on this situation, but I do hope your relationship with your mother does improve. Having to live by parent's rules can be difficult, particularly when you become a teen and begin to want independence and this does cause arguments. But in the majority of cases things will improve with time. The fact that your mother has been making the effort to be calm when disagreements have occured since you returned from the hospital is a positive thing. Bear in mind that your mother is human too, and with all the will in the world to keep calm sometimes her emotions will get the better of her and she will find herself yelling and shouting about something that's angered her even when her head knows she should be discussing this calmly. Just try to encourage her to take a step back from the situation, apologise for whatever she is angry for if necessary, and then when things have calmed tomorrow gently remind your mother (and yourself if you have been shouting and yelling too) that you both need to try to address things from a calm viewpoint as much as possible. Tomorrow is a fresh start, so forgive and forget as much as possible and once again start trying to discuss things calmly and without yelling.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masa View Post
    my mother is a huge hypo crit we have argued today like we used to... since i came outta the physcatric ward on the hospital from being there a week months ago she was doing hwat they said to and tha twas not yelling talking calm not trying to do arguements etc... now she thinks she has the right to y ell cause she is pissed at me and i cant cause im not grown cus im 16.... cunt needs to go to a physciatric ward for other things too how can i send her to one for help
    I'm going to distill this down to three things:

    1. LAWL.
    2. Short-answer for you, no.
    3. You're NOT grown. See other posts regarding you calling your mother a "cunt."


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    Take a chill pill and take out your dictionary because you obviously need it. She obviously doesn't need psych help since you're obviously a dick to her. I'm somehow doubtful that you're doing anything to make her less stressed. You're 16, not 8. Stop asking if you can send someone to the psych hospital for yelling at you, you're not a child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Wow... just wow, you called your mother a c*nt for shouting at you?

    /me shakes head.
    it isnt just that its that shes being hyporcritiical on alot of things and everyhting she has said she would do to better our relationship has gotten lost in the wind

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    Butterfly Mage


    Generally, a person can only be involuntarily committed if: 1.) They pose a clear and present danger to themselves, or 2.) They pose a clear and present danger to others.

    You can believe you're an angel. You can believe you're God. You can believe you're a space alien. But if you're able to feed yourself, go to work, not hurt yourself, and not hurt others, there's not a psychiatrist in America that would take action against such a person.

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    also.... no its not just her yelling she is taking her anger out on me when i have not said one word t o her some days cause her and her bf argue alot threatened to split up always arguing bout money and shes occasionally going out spending needed money on some vodka and cigs... its not just her yelling its the plain fact shes taking her anger and pain out on me i get so sick of it and i try so hard to sit here and ignore her and don't pay attention to 1 word but she does say things that make me snap where outta anger ill sit here and punch myself till the anger is gone
    i swear im not the brat i seem to be i posted with anger but im calm now and could better explain rather than blurting out words of anger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masa View Post
    it isnt just that its that shes being hyporcritiical on alot of things and everyhting she has said she would do to better our relationship has gotten lost in the wind
    As I said above, your mother is only human. Sometimes she is going to get caught up in the moment or in her own emotions and lose control and find herself shouting or yelling, even if in her head she knows this isn't productive or the best way to handle things. Emotions are a powerful thing, and when someone is feeling pissed off sometimes no matter how much they know they shouldn't they can't help but let them get the better of them and end up shouting and screaming and doing all of the things their calm self would say they shouldn't.

    The fact that you and your mother have agreed on some actions you can take to better your relationship is great, but neither of you should be expected to stick to these actions 100% of the time. It is natural for parents and children, especially teenager children, to disagree and argue. Whilst it isn't pleasant or desirable for either party, it happens. The important thing is that the two of you get past this blip. Tomorrow, when things are calmer, sit down and remind each other of the things you previously agreed you needed to do to help your relationship and avoid situations such as this. Talk about the things that you both did wrong (such as shouting and screaming rather than talking calmly), talk about what you both should have done and what you can do to try and handle things better next time one of you gets angry at the other, so that things don't descend into shouting and resentment etc. It is important that when you sit down and discuss the argument and what you can do to make things better you don't start blaming each other though. Accept that there are probably things both of you can do to better the relationship and to avoid major arguments, and blaming one or the other will not help.

    Tomorrow is a new day. Don't let one argument ruin the positive steps it sounds like your mother is trying to take in order to better your relationship and avoid arguments. Even with the best intentions in the world it is unlikely you will be able to avoid every single argument, and I'm sure there will be more situations in the future when emotions get the better of one or both of you and a disagreement descends into an argument. However, if you are both working towards reducing these occurrences and trying to find better, calmer ways to handle disagreements then that is definitely a positive thing.

    And don't forget that it takes two to make a relationship work. Make sure that you are doing what you can to make the relationship better as well and to avoid arguments. Accept that, at 16, you have almost as much responsibility as your mother for improving your relationship, and so ensure that you are as clear as your mother on the things you need to do in order to better the relationship.

    As I said before, good luck. I hope that tomorrow when you have both had time to think things over and calm down you are able to sit down and talk with your mother and work towards getting things back on track.

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