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Thread: Poke' Problems (Totally original name right there guys!)

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    Question Poke' Problems (Totally original name right there guys!)

    (I'm putting this in the normal off topic, since it has more to do with Poke'mon in general, rather than the games)

    Alrighty, story time I guess...

    When I was really little, I mean REALLY little, maybe 2 and a half or 3, a VHS tape appeared in my mailbox (No, I don't have it any longer). It was the infamous Poke'mon marketing ploy that suckered quite a few kids into being into something before they even knew it existed- the Pokemon Propaganda VHS tape. Being super young and easily influenced, I immediately loved pokemon... I think. By age 3 and a half/4, I was all about it! I forced my parents to buy me Pokemon Cards, the Collectable Stickers (I had Zapdos, Articuno AND Moltres bitches!), and even the games! I actually started out with Pokemon Yellow, not Red or Blue! At one point, I even had the limited edition version of the Game Boy Color! (Pikachu Yellow Special Edition)

    As I got older, my love of Pokemon grew substantially. I came home from school every day just to watch Pokemon. I stayed up at night practicing my counting skills by counting all my pokemon cards and games and posters and what not. I spent halloween crying once because they didn't have any pikachu or Ash costumes left. Yeah... I was pretty obsessed. As time went on, however, my love began to dwindle. It was strong, but not as strong as it used to be by the time the third generation of pokemon came out. (Torchic, Mudkip, Treeko, those guys) Whilst in Arizona, I sold a lot of my cards over Craigslist so that I could help my parents pay for stuff... it was really hard for me. I had six or seven 3x3 pages of Holographic cards, dating back to the first edition of the original pokemon card series! Venasaur and Blastoise were in the mix there, too.

    So, by the time I got back to NY, I kind of lost my love for pokemon. Before that, I'd even started going to midnight releases and what not JUST for games like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. (I got both opening day...) When I got back to NY... I had none of it. The only thing that remains, which I know I have, but I still have to go look for, is my Pokemon Pillow case. Very manly and cool, indeed.

    I know a lot of people hate the Johto and the Sinnoh and the Hoenn regions, but I loved a lot of it! I didn't care much for Johto, although Pokemon Crystal blew my six year old mind, but I enjoyed Hoenn and Sinnoh in terms of the games, at least. So, when I ask the following question, don't go all gun-ho about the differences or whatever is better about each region, though it is generally agreeable that the first 151 pokemon were pretty bomb.

    The question here is, should I allow myself to get back into pokemon? I mean, I no longer have any kind of system that can play it! I'm going to have to go download a Gameboy Advanced Emulator, most likely- not that I mind having it on my computer at all! But, I mean... my whole collection from when I was younger is gone now. I have one memento left out of everything... But, at the same time, I still really love pokemon! I'm not going to waste hundreds of dollars or anything on old merchandise, and if I do, it still wouldn't be the same. I want to kind of just get back into it, simply because Pokemon is still culturally relevant (even around my neighborhood...) and I loved the games growing up... should I let myself get back into it?


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    GBA emulator is only going to let you play the Hoenn region, and Kanto if you get the remakes. Let me set something straight here.

    I. Hate. Hoenn.

    There is a very simple reason for this. There are too many HMs, and half of them are water type. Wouldn't be a problem if the attacks weren't completely terrible. Basically, you need to occupy 2/6 of the spaces in your party with Pokémon that are loaded with HMs, or else give up 1/4 of your attacks in your moveset with a useless HM attack, and even then you'd need three of the Pokémon to be water types. It's also kind of boring when you get passed the 5th gym and they just say "screw it, everything is now in water". If you want to get back into Pokémon, you'd best start with Leaf Green or Fire Red (I love these ones).

    If you want to play Diamond or Pearl (solid games, though they lack fire types. I think the only two introduced were the starter and some guy you can't get until the end of the game :/) you'll need a DS emulator, same with Soul Silver and Heart Gold, and Black and White that are coming out soon. If you want to play the earlier ones, I think you need to get a different emulator, but I might be wrong on that one.

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    Yes, I'm 16 and I still love Pokemon. I've l've still got quite a few of my games except for the ones on the GBC but I have a DS flashcart which I've been able to get to emulate all the Pokemon games on the GBC, GBA and the DS. Unfortunately not many people I know are still into Pokemon but I still have fun playing it so I think you should get back into it

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    fuck yes get your ass back into pokemon. I'm playing a translated verison of pokemon white and it's the best release since gold/sliver I think and the story is decent.. the only bad thing I've seen yet is that in towns 3 and4, Team Plasma or whoever keep stealing shit and I have to go chase em down, fighting about 6-8 along the way. I guess this is to prepare for that citys gym leader but still, it's tedious and repetitive. Also as always leving grinding is present... it can't be a RPG without soul crushing and time consuming level grinding folks.

    Also Hoenn region fucking sucked ass. Way too much water. Ruby, Shepire was the worst generation from my experience.. However it's saving grace was a slew of new/good pokemon. Also it's been 3 generations since we got a new pokemon type.. one or two more should be added into the mix and should of been in black/white.

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    Thanks everyone, but seriously, stop hating on the other games. I've already explained about how I do NOT want this to turn into a hate fest/debate about weather or not other generations were good or bad.

    And, to Zephy; where the fuck would anyone find a DS emulator?!

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    There are a few DS emulators out, they just don't have any particularly stable ones yet. You might be able to play most games with them though.
    I do think that if you want to get back into Pokemon you should.
    I think the real fun of Pokemon comes with friends who are also into Pokemon at the same time. For that reason, I'd wait for Black and White and play it together with friends.

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    just google "DS emulators" >.<

    but i dont c why you shouldn't get in to pokemon

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    One of my favorite games for my DS is the Blue (I think...) Rescue Squad Pokemon game. Being a furry it's more fun if you get to actually BE the Pokemon.

    I think it would really be a lot more fun if I had some friends who also liked it because then we could trade missions back and forth. I'm pretty sure the regular games would be more fun with friends.

    I don't think there's really a big reason for you not to play the games if you like. I honestly hated Pokemon when everyone was super-crazy about it. But now that the hub-bub has subsided, I'll allow that Vulpix/Ninetales is super cute and that I also like quite a few of the others.

    I usually play with Squirtle as a starter because I like turtles. I had one that was levelled really high and could pretty much take out anything with one hit. It got kind of boring after a while. I ended up starting a new game and trying to level one of each type to a high level and it was more fun.

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    I also was once into pokemon, now i have pre-ordered pokemon black and pokemon white, as a friend in Japan has told me they are amazing. I would try those, all of the other ones since crystal were just the same thing over and over.

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    Do you want to turn into this?

    YouTube - Opening a Giratina tin ( GOT A LV.X )

    If not, then only play the games.

    ... a game, preferably the most recent or one with a lot of content (like Crystal did). Also, DS emulators do exist - I played through the Phoenix Wright series on my computer.


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