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    Greetings. My username is MondoX44, but I go by others as well: Sean, Amaducias (which is what I'll appear as in chat), or you can just call me Wolfy. Whichever works for you. I want to just make this brief so I can do other stuff here. I live in stanky NJ (totally not proud and totally not a fist-pumping moron), USA, and I'm a baby/diaperfur. I'm also bi, but engaged to a female. My fursona is a black wolf with white belly fur and mittens (fur around the paws). I'm 17 years old.

    I play the drums, I love computers, the works of HP Lovecraft, and doing research on different topics, the occult being the big one. I love music of other decades (50's rock 'n' roll to 90's grunge) especially 60's jam tunes, protopunk, and even some 70's groove funk. My favorite artists are The Stooges, The Gorillaz, Volbeat, Black Flag, Megadeth, The Misftits, The Grateful Dead, Yes, Beck, (The)Jimi Hendrix (Experience), (whoever worked on the "Fritz the Cat" soundtrack), Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, Danko Jones (just because of his song "The Kids Don't Wanna Rock"), and so many others...

    I can't stand my generation and often feel depressed because I can't stand the attitudes and styles of almost ALL of my peers (Millenial Generation born 90's and later, getting progressively worse).

    Things I don't like: The government, liars, hypocrits, racism, POP MUSIC, ignorance, not knowing, little kids (old enough to go to school. they sieze to be little when they're juniors in high school, or just learn that they aren't the hot shit they think they are), poser scene kids, THE USE OF CURRENCY, "high school relationships", oh so many humans of this earth, fundamentalism and fundamentalists, "Amurican" white trash culture, mayo...

    I'm Vietnamese, German, Irish, French, Danish, English, and Sweedish. If you so wish to know more about me, just let me know. I'm almost as open as the wide arms of Hell.

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    My common mistake: forgetting the "s" in Amaduscias

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    You're engaged at 17? How did that work out?

    You're rather cynical. Is there any particular reason for this cynicism? What's your favourite kind of cookie?

    On a side-note: ignorance and not knowing are redundant. Ignorance means a lack of knowledge, i.e. not knowing.

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    i must thoroughly enjoyed you "things i dont like list"

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    Hi MondoX44! Welcome to ADISC!

    Loved the intro. Most detailed I've seen so far! The only thing I don't get is.... how can you not like mayo? I put that stuff on everything! Haha! To each his own I guess.

    Hope you'll enjoy the forum. I'm pretty new here myself and I think it's awesome.

    See you around

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    Hi and welcome to the site.

    Who's the character in your avatar though? Not sure if it's someone I should know or not but looks cool.

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    Well, I strongly dislike "Things I dislike lists" >.<

    Nah, just kidding. Tough I hope you don't dislike me too much for being apart of the "millennium generation" (I don't know how we stack as a generation, but at least the Millennium trilogy was pretty awesome - even tough we as a generation had nothing to do with it ^^).
    That was a pretty good introduction by the way, well done Since you said you're opened to questions, I'll ask one: do you enjoy playing, watching or officiating any sports? My user tittle might be a hint of why I might be interested ^^

    Welcome to ADISC, I hope you'll enjoy it here,


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