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Thread: A new Honda

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    Default A new Honda

    I've always wondered why they don't show the real users of stuff like this on the commercial. If I and my 250lbs butt were riding around on that it would be so much more realistic.

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    Totally gonna buy one for shiggles. Could use this next time I go to the CQC site...

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    I see things like this, and whilst they're awesome, I just find my self thinking "We have legs....". Same thing with the segway, I fail to see the point in them what so ever.
    What's the point in this device? So you can glide about an office?

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    great. another way to enable people to be lazy and not walk..
    and we wonder why we have an obesity problem?

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    Wow another way for people to be more lazy. And we wonder why we have so many fat people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    Wow another way for people to be more lazy. And we wonder why we have so many fat people.

    But CarKid, it's in harmony with humanity don't you know!

    Cool tech none the less, I'd like to see The Top Gear lads let loose with a couple of these. Another round of car football anyone? YouTube - top gear football

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    Because 'realistic' works on the scale of: Disgusting---->Moderately acceptable----->Okay (Your mileage may vary on that. Some would say 'EW THAT'S NOT ATTRACTIVE' and some would go 'HNNNGHHHH MY OH MY LET'S DO EET.' My sis and I are like that with men. We are not attracted to each other's types in any way, shape, or form.)

    That's why airbrushed ladies and stupid porn is so popular. It's so unrealistic and that's why it sells.

    Also... We're getting closer to being like the people on WALL-E, aren't we? (I will not educate people and get defensive now as I usually do. I will just laugh.)

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    The fatter everyone else gets the smaller I become.

    When the sixty kilo toddler is normal I can wear huggies.

    But seriously, the differential wheel mechanism that goes forwards/backwards/sideways is really really clever.

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