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Thread: hello, just updated profile w/ pics :p

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    Default hello, just updated profile w/ pics :p

    I have had an account here for a while, but i just updated it alot and here is my photo bucket link, I'm going to take some pictures of my "stash" right meow :P

    also if there anything i missed please lemme know

    EDIT: I’m just going to make a video walk through of my apartment and kitty then pics of my stash

    ok 1:33 second walkthru of my place, btw the music is battlefield vietnam on my pc

    and 7 pics of my stash :p

    Pictures by alexb59 - Photobucket

    password is :watwat

    lemme know what you think

    Also this has been one of my favorite sites for a while, being a full time student takes alot of time. I gotta go finish up a summary on The America Revolution for American history so ill stop back later
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    Hello and welcome to ADISC im shure you will have a great time here on the website. Have you had a chance to read the Site Rules yet ? They contain some important and valubale information for you to know about playing safe on here at ADISC.
    Im not entierly shure that posting your password to your Photobucket album was a great idea. It might be an idea for you review the Cheat Sheet as well. This is simply a guide to posting a great introduction.

    So what other intrests do you have, what are your hobbies, do you like sport ? Speaking of American History im just thinking some of these threads might intrest you.

    Well i hope you have fun here making new friends, enjoy the site and play safe.

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    i just finished the 8 chapter summaries and had to take some excedrin lol, im takeing american history for the general education requirement, covered from mid 15th century up to when president hamilton made the free market economy around mid 18th, next assignment is to read John Adams the book. My biggest hobbies is video games, just preorded killzone 3 for ps3 can wait till Metal Gear Solid Rising: Playstation 3: Video Games, mgs4 was amazing, but This item will be released on November 1, 2011.

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