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Thread: introduction time apparently :)

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    Default introduction time apparently :)

    my name is daniel
    i'm a 21 year old guy from cumbria, living on orkney in scotland (aka one of the most remote places in the uk _)
    i'm a waiter and enjoy martial arts. should be joining a new mixed martial arts class starting here at the end of february can't wait
    umm and i'm big gamer too :P xbox ftw
    i've had an adult baby fetish most of my life now and i've come to terms with the fact that it'll always be a part of me. i am a switch. i've roleplayed daddy and baby with friends online and i love them both. buttt i do see my daddy side being more practical :P[no meet requests!]
    aside from that i'd really like to get into the community more, it's getting lonely on this damned island :P sooo i'd love to make some lasting friendships too. i've heard good things about ADISC and can't wait to get involved!

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    Hi DaddyDan welcome to ADISC.

    Glad you have joined and took the time to post an introduction.

    What form of martial arts do you prefer, karate? Is that why you have "Dan" included in your member name?

    I think I may have heard of the name Orkney in some TV documentary ages ago and although I live on another island (Australia) some parts of which can be very remote indeed, but there is no comparison as to your isolation in the place where I live.

    As you live in such a remote area I have one small note of concern however. Since you have posted your name (if Daniel is your real first name), how many martial art loving 21 year old guys live in Cumbria? Is there not some risk that some visitor to ADISC who lives locally to you could identify you? Just wondering that's all.

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started way back as far as I can remember that and a love of wearing female clothes.

    In the real world, some of my main interests are history, science and astronomy.

    Welcome again, get involved and enjoy your visits here.
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