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Thread: Your diaper dreams

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    Default Your diaper dreams

    i am not sure if thre is already one of these, so here you go. talk about your diaper dreams, like when you have them what they about stuf liek that, i remember my first one was when i first saw the dl community, i had also moved to a new school and the dream was that i was at the school in normal clothes and people were walkng around in diapers, i asked some guy and he said that they have us wear diapers because the restrooms break during the winter, so i go to my locker and see a pack of diapers there, i put one on and wake up. the second dream i had i was wearing diapers with my friends to a store, they said they were playing some game later, but you had to sag or soemthing like that, i had diaper on so i go to shelf and buy a pack of diapers called saggers, they sere diapers but had boxrbrief wastline,so i buy one put it on and go outside.

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    I very routinely have diaper type dreams. Particularly when its been a while since I've worn.

    My most recent dream was one where I was in some kind of sci-fi space scenario and everyone was wearing diapers. I'm not sure if it was because there were no toilets or something or what. But everyone was wearing and it was completely normal. I remember the diapers in this case were very thick and soft and cushy.

    I kind of look forward to these intermittent dreams actually...

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    I had a dream a few nights ago about being the worlds greatest bedwetter

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    I have very few dreams about diapers but the ones I do have I remember vividely. One where I'm at a sleepover and I am offered diapers. I accept. That was the wierdest one iv ever had. It was because I was just reading a story about sleepovers most likely anyway...
    Another one was where I was sitting on my bed and found under it a small backpack. In it was a bunch of very bulky awesome diapers. That was fun this one was a recent one that i only had two nights ago

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    I have, on multiple occasions, dreamt that my parents bought me some diaper and they accepted my fetish. I was so very happy, until I woke up...

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    I had one many years ago where I was wearing a diaper, and my brother found out, but my step-dad told him to stop being annoying. I have many dreams where someone finds out I wear diapers, and I just keep denying it.

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    every time i have a diaper dream, its always about me going to the store and buying them. i havent had any recently tho

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    I have these sorts of dreams every now and again. Usually, in the dream I am a young-ish kid (between 6 and 12? Dunno. Its always pretty vague in dreams!) and I am the only one amongst my friends who is wearing a nappy. What I always enjoy about these dreams is that because of my age, it is not considered a social taboo or a freakish fettish by the people in the dream, but they just think/know that I am a late developer, and they are usually jealous that I am still allowed to wear nappies, and suck a dummy etc.

    It is much nicer than IRL when you are hypersensitive about being caught!

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    I'd never had one until last night! Before bed last night I pushed a molicare a bit too far and leaked (in the front, and getting in the car to go home fortunately!), and had a crazy dream about leaking and having to change somewhere, but it was an odd place, like a closed/dark carnival or something. Woke up, went back to sleep, and had a dream where I was just hanging around at some lady's house in a t-shirt and diaper. Seemed odd, but I'd been doing it a while so it wasn't a big deal (?) Fixed her computer at one point.. strange dreams! So fun though! Never have sexy or diaper dreams..

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    i once had a diaper dream where i walked through the entrance of a huge above ground shopping complex but i didn't see many people there. i remember there were checkpoints everywhere, and armed guards frisking people. I think i was the only one there that was wearing a diaper underneath my clothes, but there was a store that had nothing but diaper related products and everyone there was pushing and shoving trying to buy them. that part was pretty funny, but it also seems normal to me in a way. i did see some hallways that were dark, but i also thought that was normal as well.

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