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Thread: When feeling nervous.

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    Default When feeling nervous.

    When your out and have to do something or even if just the toilet or supplies aren't available at the time, does anyone here find that feeling nervous about something makes things feel worse?

    Thankfully I've never had anything too bad or messy happen on me but in situations where I'm on edge sometimes it feels like my system can go a little crazy and unable to figure out what it might do one moment from the next.

    Maybe it's just me but I know I wish I could control it better.

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    ive learned to take deep breaths during situations like that helps.
    but its a good thing i always wear a diaper.

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    Yes, this sounds familiair. Having IBS already triggered by stress it becomes even worse when feeling nervous. For example when getting heavy stomach cramps in public i'm thinking i have to hold it....i have to many minutes when I'm home. And it only make the feeling far i managed to get to home and then went it wrong

    Like said wearing a diaper under this circumstances is a good thing

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    In the last few months (as explained in a previous thread) I've been suffering from panic attacks whilst out, I've had no other option but to wear all the time in order to prevent myself from potential messy and embarassing accidents. When I feel a panic attack coming on, I try to take deep breaths (4 secs in, 4 secs out) and carry on as normal to prevent them from happening. 50% of the time this doesnt work, for which I'm thankful for having a diaper on under my jeans. But believe me, trying to control the situation is half of the battle!

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