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Thread: Anyone else in my situation?

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    Default Anyone else in my situation?

    Is there anyone else here that share's my angst, being in the situation where you have no way of wearing diapers despite how much you want them. In my case, Living with your parent(s), they don't know, you don't want them to know, and they don't leave the house to allow for any shipment to arrive and not be questioned, no secure way of disposing them without them being noticed if you DID have them. sigh...

    seriously its driving me nuts...there is nothing I can do to solve this without great risk. Is there anyone that feels my angst?, i just need to vent this out.

    P.S. for those who may feel tempted, please refrain from telling me to move out or something really unhelpful, to which If I had the opportunity to do so, I would have done it already.

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    Maybe you could have the diapers shipped to a friends house, and you can go get them at some point when your folks aren't home. And for the disposal, you could build an airtight/smellproof, inconspicuous looking box that can fit under your bed or somewhere else that's not noticeable and doesn't generally get rifled through by your parents, and you could sneak the box out to the car and deliver the cargo to a dump once a week or so.
    Just throwing out ideas, I'm not sure how practical those would actually be.

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    Same situation. :P Except I can walk to the store from the dorm rooms when it warms up a bit. (30 min walk there, 30 min walk back...)

    If you have a car, you can probably open a P.O. Box, unless your parents also control your finances, which is entirely possible...

    Anyway, I'm terribly sorry. That's not nice, and it's awful to still be incredibly dependent on parents through adult years... while in my case wanting that (and more but less and different) with someone else rather than them. Quite the irony there for myself... =/

    I hope your situation improves and that you can get more diapers soon.

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    I was once in your situation. I had been discovered twice at fairly wide intervals and although I had talked my way out of it, it was very stressful for both me and my mother. I felt pretty bad about my urges in general at the time but that certainly did nothing to quell them. Following that second discovery, I decided that the harm from discovery didn't justifiy the pleasure I was receiving, so I got rid of my small stash and didn't buy anything more. I didn't expect this would stop the desire and it certainly didn't. I just relegated it to fantasy territory and while it wasn't as fulfilling as having diapers themselves, it got me by.

    It might not work for everyone but I managed it and it preserved my secret absolutely until I got out on my own and I could deal with it properly. I think it's also worth noting that having the opportunity to wear when I wanted greatly reduced the intense need to do so.

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    It's tricky. The best you can do is do things like get Goodnites/Drynites from a store if you can (or if you're small, biggest sized baby diapers), or make diapers out of bin bags and whatever you can. Also see if you can find someone who will send your orders to a place you can collect from, or maybe a friend who wouldn't be curious or knows about it.

    I know it's not what you want to hear, but seriously just hang on until you can move out. Trust me, it's liberating and you can get all you want. Problem though is if the next step is sharing a house, then it may still be tricky. Once you truly get your own place then you can do what you like.

    Then you get to the next step when you realise you need to be with someone and how do you deal with that, can you tell them, can you let friends into this life or do you try to hide it and end up not being able to have people round to your place in case they find your stash etc?

    The whole thing is very complicated.

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    I really appreciate your guys understanding and well wishes. it helps to know that I'm not alone.


    Fortunately, I am in charge of my own finances. whats keeping me from moving out is not being able to work and save money due to my learning disability. It is truly difficult being 27 and stuck living with my mother. My Dad lives in Europe (my parents divorced before my memory developed). I so wish my situation improves, thank you for kind words.

    I've had to revert to fantasies and diaper immiations (like a thin soft blanket) more often than not. Course I never wanted to "do" anything in them, and didn't. it was just for comfort only. Your also very right about the fact that when you have the opportunity of wearing them, the motivation to do so tends to simmer quite substantially. It's a pure case of the wanting what you can't have, cause that's where a lot of thrill comes from, the wanting and being slightly out of reach. Likewise, when you finally get it, you get your initial thrill from having it but then its like, meh...

    However, having said that, the times where I did manage to have them were memorable and felt great. I definitely am motivated to have more of those moments. hopefully its not too far away.

    I actually have in the past been able to order diapers while living with friends. Noone found out a thing. So that certainly doesn't bother me. Unfortunately, as much as my friends are loyal, Curiousity is too strong for any of my friends to not look at what the box contains. That is too risky. I would need to be living with them and monitor my shipments. So for the moment I have to continue playing the waiting game for an opportunity to arise for me to move out. Hard as that may be...and it is.

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    I feel your pain BabyBlue. When I was living at home, especially during the college years, I had the attic for my bedroom. There I had more privacy, though I eventually did get caught. Is there another part of your house where you could live that would give you some privacy? If you have a severe learning disability, perhaps your mom would understand your desire to wear diapers? Since you are 27, it just seems to me that she should respect your need for privacy and a need to act on certain basic urges that most males experience, whether they are diapers, masturbation, or anything else that isn't illegal.

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    we live in an apartment suite, the only place I have for privacy is my room. Also, my learning disability has nothing to do with my wanting/needing diapers. They are 2 entirely unrelated aspects of my life. In terms of my mothers ability to understand...well let me put it too you this way. It is more likely that a rock will be understanding towards me than my mother. She is incredibly negative, suspicious, insulting and the most close-minded person EVER.
    She is part of the reason why I HAVE this fetish. I never felt loved by her, so I have regression issues. I feel love deprived. Therefore I need babyish comfort and feel the need to be nurtured by a caring female figure. so yea..
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    I lived with my parents until I was nearly 34. I could not do diapers much around them either... although I could do incontinent pads... which isn't the same thing but I do really dribble and that is embarrassing enough (no offense to our incontinent people... ).

    But at one point, I would wear something like depends over night bag it up the next morning take it to a dumpster or trash bin at a convenient store and throw them away.

    But that didn't last long either.

    It is very hard. On the other hand, I had pacis all over my bedroom but my mom found them once and that didn't go to well.

    And you think, I am an adult shouldn't matter... oh but it does!

    Good luck!

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    I'm in the same situation, but it's a partner, not a parent, that's the issue. The SO found out about me via some careless browser history and didn't have a problem with it until he later learned I actually bought and used, not just talked about it online, by snooping in my credit card bills. Haven't used in over two years now with no relief in sight and the stress of starting a new job I don't like is really making me want to get back into it again.

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