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Thread: irrational fears

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    Default irrational fears

    Speaks for itself. Do you have any irrational fears? Fears of stuff that you shouldn't be afraid of as it's not dangerous.

    I got 1, needles... blood tests, shots, anything... I don't care I can't stand it.

    Now you.

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    Bees, and wasps, and everything that flies about and might sting me.

    I can deal with bees, they are useful creatures. In fact I think it would be quite nice to keep a hive (good for dealing with the fear too). Bees don't attack unless you're asking for it.

    Wasps are natures *****, and are pure evil. I can't deal with them, they freak me out.

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    I find that i get nervous when I see i am suspended from high heights, such as rock climbing and any buidlings that let you see over the edge. It makes me feel unsafe and that I might fall down.

    Certain creepy crawles, I fear that they might sting me and like cause me arm to drop off, despite this not being likely. I just don't like the idea, same for wasps.

    Also, when speaking to the public, after awhile I start to get nervous. I start to stutter and shake and general communication starts to become difficult for me.

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    I mean - I am so scared, not just scream scared. Ants... if I see one crawling on me I will run in the house screaming and crying.

    Last year - the neighbours and my mom told me I had a bug on my back, I took my shirt off outside, ran in, screamed and cried.. and wouldn't come out. Come to find out nothing was there.

    If I see a spider or something inside, -especially- in my room.. I can't fall asleep for hours, and usually leave my room.

    I HATE bugs.

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    Snakes, I just cant stand snakes, they scare the life out of me..wether its a slow worm or a cobra , they just really scare me. Odly, when I was younger, I used to have a fear of buttons, anybody care to explain that one?

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    Fire. I see anyone with fire, a match, a lighter, no matter how small, I back away from them or try and get away, put someone between them and me, anything. I don't know why I'm so afraid of it.

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    Yeaaaah irrational fears, some people go batshit insane over them, truly. I can't say the usual stuff like wasps and bees scare me that much, it's not like they're not afraid of humans, they simply fly away if you come near!

    I'm really afraid of like.. bathroom goo, that'll make me run away the bathroom HAS to be clean for me to use it!

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    Spiders, hypochondria, bees & wasps, needles (sometimes. this fear used to be worse), malfunctioning toilets (just freaks me out), people (well, I'm pretty shy, so I guess that counts), loneliness (having my own place would be nice, but... it also wouldn't), some bugs (not all)... maybe more.... wow, I guess that's more than I thought.

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