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    I've been looking at my stash lately and realized that soon i'll be running out. So my question is this, where is a good place to get a good quantity and quality of diaper for fairly cheap?

    Last time i bought i bough Walgreens Certainty brand in a big thing of 40 for under $20. One thing I should also mention Is I'm a jobless College they can't be extremely expensive.

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    That depends on how far you want to go (figuratively and literally) to get a good deal. You'll probably find a better deal online, on just about any kind of diaper. That is, of course, if you can buy online and receive a box without arousing suspicion. If you can't do that, then scope out nearby pharmacies and medical supply stores. The latter will likely have better diapers. Non-national-chain pharmacies may as well. Just see what's available and look for the best price.

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    If you're patient, the best deals are going to be had at thrift stores. Problem is, the selection and availability are pretty random. If you throw it into your regular shopping routine, eventually you might come away with a big score as several members have posted about here in the past.

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    I can vouch for thrift stores! I got lucky once before and got a pack of 12 kendall wings for 3 dollars.
    Your most likely to find them at a thrift store in an area with a lot of old folks.

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    When I buy I usually buy every two to three weeks at a time. I always buy online but find sometimes the postage charges expensive when you only want one small item.

    My top tip is:-

    * Buy as much as you can afford / hide / store in one go and save on postage for smaller purchases.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've seen Attends Breathable briefs on Amazon for as cheap as $41 for a case of 72. The price changes a bit from week to week, but you can usually get free shipping too.

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