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Thread: Using proper English.

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    Default Using proper English.

    I was just thinking to myself why is intelligent sounding, proper English largely avoided in everyday conversation? Sure popular media promote slang and improper speech, but what is wrong with using good diction, pronunciation, and grammar?

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    I think it just sounds too forced.
    I mean, there aren't that much people who use real slang.
    Most of the English speaking people just speak something in between.
    The reason for that, I think, is because there are a lot of things which are easier to say when using the middle language.
    One would have to think longer before using 'proper' English.
    And of course, it doesn't sound cool at all xD
    I guess there are occasions for each of them.
    I just don't think it's appropriate that when you're chatting with your friends, you suddenly start to use 'intelligent sounding' English.

    BTW, I don't think improper speech isn't really the right word... After all, who decides what is proper and what is not?

    I do understand why one would wonder, though...

    Grtz, MissMira

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    Formal English, much like formal anything else, is going to sound unfriendly, sterile and insincere.

    It has it's place. Formal business, technical writing (sort of), presentations, etc. Day to day conversation simply does not warrant it.

    In other words, no one likes the guy who responds to informal emails as if he is addressing the nation ;p

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    What can I say, I use the aforementioned 'formal' style of speaking in daily conversation. I do not mean to sound elitist or pompous it is just how I talk/think/write.

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    It's simply not what is usually done anymore. Language use changes as time goes on and society adopts different ways of speaking. Certain words fall out of popular use and acceptable speech moves away from the traditional, formal way of speaking, which is left to things such as formal speeches and intelligent written works.

    Every language goes through these changes, not simply English. The way people used to speak begins to sound, as was already mentioned, stuffy and odd in everyday conversation. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that, despite how much pain it may cause traditionalists or those who suffer from bouts of nostalgia and/or yearnings for the past.

    That being said, I still can't stand certain ways of speaking and certain slang. I hate to admit this, but I think certain ways of speaking have a tendency to make one sound rather unintelligent, whether that is true or not. Many times, it can be the environment one was raised in and have nothing to do with intelligence at all, so I try not to let first impressions get the best of me.

    Personally, I think making use of oft neglected words and more formal speech in certain cases is neat and I tend to do it often, to the amusement of my friends and such. Still, my speech and my writing are fairly different, as I think it is with many people. More formal language seems to persist in the written word, rather than the spoken word.

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    itz cuz liek he3re in kalifornia itz co0l to spel dings leik dis n eni word tht is loger tan telve karacterz ids not cvool.

    Seriously though, I think convos are too fast paced, and that you need to be able to get the point across quick.

    It took my a lot longer to do the misspellings and such, trying to constantly correct myself. Literally like 3 minutes.

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    I completely agree and I also enjoy resurrecting archaic words or playing with less utilized words; as well as utilizing common words for there less recognized connotations. Sadly only my English professors would encourage me to experiment with my language, all the others prefer banality.

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    I love spelling.
    I love grammar..

    But I'll spell some words like this: 'spose and 'cause.

    It gives my words a feeling of being calm and kind, I think.

    I could type formal 100% of the time, but that comes off rude, which is why I use the slang (my examples) so my words do not come out that way.

    The same works for the outside world.

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    Like others, I also tend to use words that seem out of place or are overly formal, but in a more humorous or ironic sense.

    I do the same thing with business style buzzwords (I'm a software guy at a very large and traditional company, so we have a lot of material to work with). Scarily more than one word we just plain made up as a joke has managed to become part of the common vernacular used by the business guys. I won't mention it here in case anyone ever googles it, but it's one of those words that anyone with a technical background would smirk at but seems reasonable enough to others.

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    It is partly age related. When you get a little older you start to find the way kids contract things or use "text speak" to be infuriatingly annoying at times and wish everyone just spoke clear proper English. For kids it's a way of rebelling against conformity, conforming with their peer group, and being plain lazy.

    I wouldn't say that more formal language is generally avoided, it's just it may be by younger groups that do so. It doesn't follow that they grow up and continue to speak that way. They find they need to make themselves understood in business situations and amongst a wide range of adults, and may have to adjust. They may just feel the way they were talking when they were 16 was just childish.

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