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Thread: bands/musicians you like you think others don't know.

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    Default bands/musicians you like you think others don't know.

    Something I've been interested in is peoples tastes here is no doubt very varied so I was wondering if there were others who like anyone that may not be so well known. It doesn't matter where they are from or what style they play but could be fun

    To start things off 3 from me,
    Plastic Girl in Closet
    The Chameleons (or The Chameleons UK)

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    Neko Case (sorta has the same sound as Tori Amos, but more blue-sy/emo-y however more upbeat than Tori Amos)
    Thomas Dolby (80's fans know him... everyone else doesn't)

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    That are not as well known, The Pouges, The Dreadnoughts, Brides of Destruction, and Crass.

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    The Tangent
    Jupiter Society

    And for some Japanese goodness - Urbangarde

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    I actually remember Brides of Destruction back when Nikki Sixx was still with them. They were very cool =D

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    I have a few:

    DJ Vadim ( Great Artist/DJ )
    FlyAmSam (An "interesting Rap Artist)
    J Dilla (I'm sure many people know his music)
    Charles Hamilton (Did a Whole Album Sampling Sonic The Hedgehog's Music)

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    I always jump at the opportunity to promote the bands I like:

    Nightwish - If anyone wonders what an opera singer sounds like with a heavy metal band and orchestra, look no further. Just make sure to listen to the songs where Tarja Turunen was the lead singer because Tarja was fired from the band in 2005. Their new lead singer, Anette Olzon, is not classically trained and sounds nothing like Tarja.

    The Birthday Massacre - This Canadian synthrock band is fronted by a woman named Chibi. The band members have a fascination with horror movies and literature that shows in their music videos. Their sound incorporates synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, and Chibi's innocent-like vocals.

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    Yay Neko Case (her last three albums are gorgeous)! and Tarja!

    I like a little of everything. But my favorites are usually fairly lush without being too electronic and with something interesting going on either rhythmically or harmonically. So.. Cocteau Twins, Joanna Newsom, The Books, Dead Can Dance, Pentangle.

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