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Thread: Should I allow my girlfriend to participate?

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    Default Should I allow my girlfriend to participate?

    This has been eating away at me for the past few months, My girlfriend has known about my fetish since before we started dating. she says she likes quirks like that in the people she dates.

    But now, she feels that if I want her to, she will participate in my fetish. By that she means that I can wear diapers and hang out with her and all the stuff that goes along with that. To some people, this is a dream come true and I'm not gonna lie, this has crossed my mind before.

    The TB side of me screams "Do it!" , but thankfully I have a mature side too. At this stage of the game I'm in a mature relationship with a girl who means a lot to me. Plus,I do happen to do some TB things around her (she doesn't mind if I want to use my pacifier around her). I can't decide whether or not to wear diapers around her, I think that if I were to wear them around her that it might cause an awkward kink in the relationship.

    I really need some help here, I seem to have two options: 1) let her participate and see how it goes. 2) Continue on in a healthy relationship, which I am thinking is the best option.


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    Talk to her. Be honest...

    That's the problem with relationships amongst people our age, and probably of all ages. We get so afraid of rejection that we refuse to let ourselves be who we are.

    My advice is tell her exactly what you've told us. Use that mature side, and use your words. Ask her how it'd make her feel, and tell her to be honest.

    Of course, somewhat hypocritical of me, as things like this are far easier said than done.

    Good luck with whatever path you choose.

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    I'd say go for it!

    See how it goes... If she's willing to take part then she's awesome!.. Maybe just try it for the first time... and see her reaction, you'll be able to tell if it's the right thing or not... And you'll still be able to enjoy your 'mature' relationship...

    Me & Alex (I know it's a bit different as we are both into all this stuff) but we have two sides to our relationship... the 'mature' regular side to which we enjoy all the stuff other couples our age do & then we have the side which allows us to both indulge & enjoy ourselves...

    If you ask me, we've got it perfect

    Best of both worlds and all that jazz..

    Good luck!

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    I think eventually you will let her participate as the opportunity will always be there and besides she knows that your doing it anyway.

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    2 is definitely the smart choice here. It's too easy to get caught up in fetish play in a relationship, and if you get into it it'll definitely start to shift the dynamic of things. I would strongly recommend that if you're really satisfied with the current state of things you keep up the healthy relationship aspect you've already got going. It could ultimately prove more fulfilling that way.

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    If you feel comfortable with it and she does as well 1 is the best option.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronbeast View Post
    ...I seem to have two options: 1) let her participate and see how it goes. 2) Continue on in a healthy relationship, which I am thinking is the best option.

    There's nothing 'unhealthy' about being open about your kinks with your partner, just as there is nothing inherently 'healthy' about hiding them away and acting 'normal'.

    What do you mean by 'all the stuff that goes along with it'? That's not very clear; it could mean anything from 'hanging around in a diaper and sleeper' to 'having my wet diapers changed and burbling like a baby'...please elaborate! :3

    Anyway...I say if she's willing to participate (more than that; if she WANTS to (and it sounds like she does, perhaps because it will bring you closer, perhaps because she knows it would make you happy)) then go for it. But take it nice and slow. Don't jump straight to openly wearing around her, maybe ask her before she comes over/you go see her 'Hey, is it okay if I wear a diaper tonight?' so it's not just 'RANDOMDIAPERSURPRISE!' when she hugs you.

    How often do you guys talk about your TB-side? What does she know about it?

    EDIT: And, OF COURSE, talk to her! Tell her your feelings; tell her you're worried she'll see you differently or it'll change your open!

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    maybe you should maybe yous shouldnt but if you do try getting her to explore the tb/dl thing to do maybe yo u can both wear together and switch roles

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    if shes comfortable with you wearing diapers around her, then i say go for it since she already knows about it and is ok with it.

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