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Thread: I don;t under stand

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    Unhappy I don;t under stand

    me don't understand lurker - me ab all my life - here are the things for me
    Diaper Basics Cloth or Disposables? Both.
    Favorite brand? All types - Attends, Molicare, Abena, Tena, Wings, Depends
    Do you wet, mess, or just wear? Me do both
    Do you wear on a regular basis? 24/7
    Age you first realized you wanted to be in diapers again? Around 3
    Age you really got to. Around 4 when I wet the hospital bed at and then stay in them until I was potty train 6 months latter in time for school
    First adult diaper you tried. I think it was depends
    At what age were you potty trained? maybe around 3
    Did you wet the bed after that? Yes many times until age 14
    How about daytime accidents? Most time but wore nappies under school clothes.
    Were diapers ever used as punishment for you? Yes I had to wear them for 6 months under my school clothes for steeling them form clothesline Ė school teacher made me wear them.
    Did you ever wet yourself on purpose to get diapers? Yes, many times
    Did you ever make homemade ones? Yes
    How about just wetting yourself for the feeling? Definitely, i love the feeling Ė it use make me hard (but now Iím a baby I donít get that anymore.)
    Have you ever played with anyone else? No I that why Iím on this site looking for friends.
    How many people know you wear diapers? Everybody silly I wear them all the time for the 19 years now
    Positive reactions? Yeah, mostly I guess, they accept it as who I am Ė when I show them.
    Negative reactions? Heaps of them Ė some curl and some you just laugh at.
    Other Kinks Are you into... Humiliation (big time!), pants wetting, Bondage, cross dressing, the thought of diaper exhibitionism is a turn on! All things most other people like.
    BD/SM? Yes, but not so much the pain thing
    If you HAD to choose... Wet or mess? How can I choose I do both and I donít care!!!!!
    Other baby items? cloth or disposable diapers, pacifier, lots of sissy clothes - and little kid style clothes onesies, shortalls and little kid style shirts, and pjs
    Mommy/daddy or equal level diaper friend? Me donít care a friend is the best
    Wear diapers 24/7 forever or never again? Me do

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    Wait what don't you understand about it.

    How old are you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    You caveman?
    Quite possibly.

    But then again, maybe not, his teacher forced him into diapers for 6 months.

    Do cavemen have teachers?

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    Wow.. one post and a reputation of minus one? What happened?

    Oh sorry, I forgot to welcome you. Welcome to ADISC, a rather friendly community powered by crinkles and cuddles , have a great time if you please!
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    Me skilled, you n00b.

    By the way, the flaw in the story is:

    A teacher has no legal right to make you wear diapers.

    Me have eye for detail, you make careless mistake intro.

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    First of all, if you want a good answer for what you don't understand, you'll have to expand a little bit and be more clear what you're asking. I don't understand what you don't understand.

    Second, please don't use baby talk like that. It's not cute; it's makes it harder to understand what you're saying and, frankly, it's annoying. We may like wearing diapers and acting like babies, but that doesn't change the fact that on the forums, communicating what you want is everything. And baby talk doesn't help you out in that regard.

    EDIT: Whoa, I just reread the original post. Lying isn't tolerated here. You claim that you were potty trained six months after you wet the hospital bed at four, and a few lines later you say that you were potty trained around three. You also claim to have been forced into diapers by your school teacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto View Post
    Can one wish for a better emoticon! I'm beginning to believe this person is.. lying as he said he was forced into diapers as punishment which I quite frankly don't believe. Ah well, we all gotta start somewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto View Post
    I believe,

    This is what we were all thinking. =P

    This guy... Is a SGDA.



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