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Thread: Diaper graphics?

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    Default Diaper graphics?

    Is there anyone here that makes diaper graphics? If so, do You take requests? thanks for Your time.

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    You mean like prints? There's a really cheap way of putting "prints" on diapers that I know of, no way to actually put real prints on diapers after they have been packaged though.

    Pretty simple, you find the image you want to use and set it up so it will print lengthwise on a piece of paper, print it, then use clear packing tape to put it on the front of the diaper. If done well, it makes a good landing zone for tapes too. I made a couple of my own and used one or two from pamperchu's page. It actually doesn't look half bad considering how cheap and easy it is and makes really medical looking diapers (depend max. for instance) look much less medical...

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    Tell you what you would like, I'll put some togather for you, I do graphic work and web design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    Tell you what you would like, I'll put some togather for you, I do graphic work and web design.
    Although i didn't start this thread, i thought id but in if i could, if your up for a request can you do a The logo & 11th Dr. Who, i can provide images once i'm back from school... i have attached them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dw70.jpg 
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ID:	3722Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LookOver.jpg 
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    cannt get the pics,and I try it,not so good

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    Send Me images now are and do they have copy right on them. You can't just use images on google or any search engine without permission that why asking this question if I was to break copy right I could have legal action taking again me. What won't do any copy righted material not owned by anyone but yourself? I will take the request those just provided me the most detail you can this may take awhile to do depending on the amount work needed done to the graphic you want.

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    Have you ever done a diaper graphic babylife247? And of course, anyones welcome to but in this conversation.

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    No but do cartoon design and concept art, and I have a a lot of experience working withy any graphic design work, including logo's.

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