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Thread: 4 guys wow oh my...what do ido

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    Default 4 guys wow oh my...what do ido

    I have been brought back to the complicated love life i wanted to avoid. I don't understand it... 2exs want me back 1 friend has a crush on me and i have my current bf... wth do i do waaah.... i have no intrest in the rest cept maybe one

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    Stay with your BF, your exs are exs for a reason. You need to stay committed to the one you are with now this should not even be a thought on what to do if you truly care about him.

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    i do care about him just... how do ideal with these 3guys

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    Just saying no is the best you can do tell them you are already taken. Also dont get lured in to something that they can use against you like making out with one of them, that will just cause more problems.

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    eh i want to but without hurting their feelings and them not bein my friend.. one of them respects the boundaries 2 dont

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    My advice? Be blunt and honest. That's probably the best way of keeping the friendships alive (and beside, if they are true friend they will understand).

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    send them to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries... and tell them to eat their hearts out...

    at least they will have a good meal!

    Sorry but when I saw the title... this was all I could think about!

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    Just.. tell them you're in a relationship at the moment. If they don't take the hint, they do not care for you like you think they do.

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