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    Default Killzone 3 Open Beta

    As im sure a lot of you who own PS3's know the KZ3 beta has been out for a bit now, Do you guys have any thoughts on it? So far I think the game is FANTASIC!!! Besides the server issues they have been having (they seem to have been getting it fixed though!). Right now i'm just trying to get my kill death ratio back to even its at .90 right now due to the fact I took it to a buddies house the night it was released and they really were not that good like they implied that they were at KZ.....

    But anyways, if you have played it lets hear your thoughts on it, what do you think needs changed? added? taken out completely? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you wanna play tomorrow? haha

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    aahh Killzone 3.. It felt so good to play killzone again.. i changed the controls to alternate because i play battlefield a lot so I'm use to using L1 to aim. I couldnt connect to the servers most of the time but when I did, it was great.

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    Had a ps2 for quite sometime yet I never heard of killzone till the second
    And now I have a ps3 so I might as well try it
    If I decide to get Killzone 3 im going to play the first 2 before I decide on playing it
    Only thing bad I heard about the games were the controls for 2 but I think I can adapt to them

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    LOVED IT!!! theres a whole new level of realism when i use the PSmove controller. funfunfun

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