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Thread: I might have figured out a solution to Underjams' ripping sides

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    Default I might have figured out a solution to Underjams' ripping sides

    Hey there,
    just to let everyone know, I am currently experimenting a new idea to prevent the sides of Underjams from ripping out over long periods of time. Currently, I have been wearing one for 5 hours with only scant traces of thing that would help me out from others is...where does it start to rip? For me, the sides weaken and rip in front of the seam down the middle of the side. The stretchy material toward the back seems to be used less and have less stress. Feedback please!

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    i agree the front wears out faster. I think that because there is more rubbing action when you walk on the front side than the backside. I have thought about using packing tape to help make the side stronger but don't know how comfortable it would be to wear.

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    I took the back parts of the elastic from already used Underjams, cut them to size, and stapled the edges to the seam on the diaper cover and on the center seam of the sides. So far it has worked overnight, which is approximately 8 hours total, 3-5 hours wet.

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