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Thread: good bye Guitar Hero.

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    Default good bye Guitar Hero.

    Well today, guitar Hero as a seires has official been canceled by parent company Activision. Owner's of Blizzard (warcraft/starcrat) and Infinity Ward (Call of Duty). Also DJ Hero is put on hitaus and True Crime is a canceled series as well now.

    If your wondering who to blame, well look at activision's CEO. bobby Kotick. Now If your wondering who to blame FOR bobby Kotick in the industry. Steve Wynn of the Wynn casino in Vegas.

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    I didn't see much new stuff coming out for the games. It'd actually be better if they'd just release DLC now, cheaply. Not like anyone looks at the people playing the instruments in the background.

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    meh, I could care less. Rock Band is way better in my opinion. Well with the keyboard and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    It would of been better if they canceled Call of Duty.
    If you don't like it, don't buy it. If it's truly a bad series, it will die out if people followed this.

    On topic... what did you expect? Rockband has a keyboard, and real instruments. You can't really one-up that, and that means that only a few people are going to bother buying Guitar Hero, while everyone else claims it's just copying Rockband when it finally does come out with similar hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    It would of been better if they canceled Call of Duty.
    Meh, agree and disagree, I love COD, but the Solo story lines have gone down hill. Online play will always be great. But I think it would be better if instead of making 500 new games they just released Map and Weapon Packs every so often.

    Too bad about guitar hero, truthfully the only one I liked was the second one (Freebird)

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    I'm not surprised. After GH3, I jumped ship to the Rock Band series because RB had a lot more songs to download than GH.

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    Meh, I do play GH, but I play RB too. Activision are doing as they usually do and throwing a tantrum because they got their ass handed to them by the guy who created both franchises in the first place. GH 1 & 2 were created by harmonix before it was bully-bought by Activision and rung dry for as much profit at as little cost as possible.
    Harmonix decided they'd had a raw deal and since the patents for the control design and interface were still owned by them, not Activison, RB was born.
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    Ya, looks like the plastic instrument game thing was pretty much a fad after all, and if nothing else pretty much everyone that was interested already has a bunch of plastic guitars in there living rooms, anyway. Oh well, I'll keep bringing Rock Band to parties, always great fun with a big group (but deathly boring alone).

    The first problem with Guitar Heroes is that it was always playing catch-up with Rock Band ever since Harmonix jumped ship. The second problem is that the market for rhythm games got saturated and, as of now, there really isn't anyone left alive that both wants a copy of GH/RB and doesn't already have one. Rock Band has continued to innovate, yet the sales of RB3 have been pretty bad too: it's the whole genre that's suffering, not just Guitar Hero.

    That being said, hopefully GH and RB will make more people willing to give a chance to the weirder rhythm games out there (Elite Beat Agent, for example)

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    That's really sad actually. I mean, Guitar Hero isn't as good as Rock Band in comparison, but I'm really gonna miss DJ Hero.

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