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    How are these? Do they have a plastic or cloth outer cover? Do they come in size small? Do they hold alot?

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    I posted a same question back at the old forums, maybe someone has an archive of it or something.

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    I've never heard of them. Are they a store brand or something?

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    There's a pharmacy near where I live that carries them. I've tried them once, but at the time all I had to compare them to was depends.... They absorbed a lot more then depends, but I didn't like the fit nearly as well. They also leaked during the night.

    That's my take on it, hope it's helpful.

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    Prevails are a decent diaper. Where I live, the only stores you can get them from are medical supply stores. I found that they are alright but are not the best. I would say that they absorb a little bit more than depends. Also, I believe that they all have a plastic backing. Hope this helps.

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