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Thread: Wegs' Re-Introduction

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    Default Wegs' Re-Introduction

    After about half a year of lurking, I think it's about time I reentered the forum. For those of you that don't know me, I'm a distinguished contributor who joined the forum a little over a year ago. Up until 6 months ago, I was fairly active, but then real life as well as a decreasing interest in diapers overall led me to pull out and only look around the forum occasionally for an interesting topic.

    Diaper wise, I'm a TBDL. I've only worn Goodnites and Depends, though hope to get better ones fairly soon. I've told 3 of my friends about it total, with results about as mixed as possible.

    Outside of diapers, I'm a 16 year old computer geek in New Jersey, and a Junior in high school. I'm also a fan of anime, and have watched quite a few, mainly popular ones such as Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. I play on Xbox Live occasionally, though haven't as much recently.

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    Welcome back Wegs ^_^

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    You've like Death Note, eh?

    Anyway, I'm not under the impression that we've crossed path all that much, so odds are you don't remember me anymore that I remember you. That being said, welcome back, I look forward to seeing you around.


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    Wegs, welcome back! You were always a significant contributor to the forums: a constant flow of helpful, thoughtful posts. You definitely show maturity beyond your years, it's good to read your re-intro.

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    Hi, Wegs. Welcome back, I am glad you have decided to join us again. Has it really been nearly 6 months that you have been away? Just don't leave us again for so long.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Hi, Wegs. Welcome back, I am glad you have decided to join us again. Has it really been nearly 6 months that you have been away? Just don't leave us again for so long.
    Yup, unless the site lied to me about when my last post was. And I'll definitely be sure not to fade out again.

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    I joined here just few weeks ago, so you are new to me lol. Welcome back =)

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    Hey, it's Wegs!

    Welcome back to the site. I don't believe we ever chatted or really communicated before, but I sure do remember you around the forums and was wondering where you were. Some things have changed, but a lot remains the same, and so does the quality of the site. I love to see you back into the fold. The site can always use more awesome contributors.

    Again, welcome back.

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    Heyo, welcome back! I don't know that I ever saw you before, but hopefully I'll see you now!

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    Welcome back to our universe, you would recognize me, if I was not wearing a disguise, but I guess if you dig a little deeper, you could guess who I am.

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