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Thread: Why you wear.

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    Default Why you wear.

    I know from having a look around on here that people wear Diapers for a number of reasons but are there people here that in a way for a lack of a better word, wear them because in some way they are comforting or make you feel more secure? I guess for me it's something I find lately myself and for verious reasons don't like to be without them.

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    I think you'll find that a large amount of us wear for that exact reason. Whilst the majority don't have IC problems, and are perfectly healthy in that regard, nappies still give them that feeling of comfort and security .

    I wear them for that reason, plus a slight sexual thrill, but the main reason being, as an AB they're a big part of the whole .

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    If you had asked me six months ago I would have said that I wear ...

    100% because I need to

    If you ask me now ...

    75% because I need to
    25% because I enjoy it when I wear them

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    I can kinda understand that. Sometimes it feels like enjoying something is a way of coping with the need as well. I can't say I was too frilled wearing these for the 1st time but over time how I felt changed.

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    It actually started out purely as an overwhelming desire to wear, to the point where I could not articulate why. I had fantasizes about diapers literally as long as I can remember, to the point of being enthralled by diaper ads and trying to make diapers by pinning on towels and wetting them standing in the tub. When I got my first pack at age 16, it was purely a desire for diapers, which had by that point become sexual as well.

    Having satisfied the most basic of the desires, once I was able to explore my feelings about diapers more in depth, I realized they helped me relax and I discovered my AB side, of which diapers are an integral part.

    These days, I wear to feel more babyish mostly, although every so often I'll wear in an adult mindset, usually involving bondage of some sort.

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    I wear for fun lol. I love the way diapers feel, both wet, messy, and dry. The way they make you feel like a little kid again is priceless. They just...put me in a better place is the best way to explain.

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    I wear just for comfort. I was originally a bedwetter but later on I stopped but I continue liking to wear diapers.

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    I'm pretty insecure, so I wear them to feel this sense of hope and longing for a simpler life.

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    I like to wear because of how they feel and because of their convenience.

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