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Thread: Need Girl help Serious :(

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    Default Need Girl help Serious :(

    This girl I like (I am 16 so is she) I think just rejected me.
    I was starting to get close to her and she told her mates she would date me and I was boyfriend Material. She touches me like my legs and stuff under the desk in school.
    It came to saturday and I got extremely Drunk ( never have been so bad in my life) so I text her going "Do you like me more than a friend) she never replyed so I text her in drunken slurr basically just going I really like and all this crap in half baked texts.
    In school her mate was all like she is soo angry at you Jason. She hates seeing you drunk.
    She said something like that ??.
    She text me then saying "I was thinking we should have a chat" It was longer but she was all like Love you and stuff.
    So it came to Monday and she stopped speaking etc and now today we talked (I love her company) and it was all good then she found out I smoked when I drank which made her more cross.
    It feels like I am just pushing her away.

    And she never had the personal talk with me she still has not.
    Do you guys think she still likes me ??
    Everyone said I got rejected but I do not understand why she was all telling her friends I was boyfriend material etc.

    So whats your opinion I am heartbroken over it.

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    It sounds like she's a bit confused. She likes you, but doesn't like some of the stuff you do. Also, coming on to her when drunk through a text probably freaked her out a bit (Note to all: just don't do it!).

    Sounds like you need to get her on her own and tell her again how you feel, this time sober, and tell her you understand how you getting drunk and smoking made her upset, and that if it'll make her feel better you won't do it around her. Or at all, considering you're only 16 and both are illegal.

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    Yeah, no one really appreciates getting drunk dialed. My 2 cents: have some quality hang out time, completely sober, and do something you both enjoy (or at least something she enjoys). Hanging out in a low-key, no-pressure setting is always a good idea. And I'd imagine she'd enjoy being reminded that there's more to you than drinking and smoking. Just don't be too apologetic about what happened unless she brings it up.

    I think you're chances with her are far from over -- you can probably recover from your faux pas if you give it some time and find out a bit more about how she's feeling about this.

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    Ouch,seriously a bad situation. I have been there before. Everything minus the smoking part. Alright, first thing you want to do is damage control, don't blame the texts on alcohol. That will make things worse because for some crossed reason girls, (NOT ALL WOMEN, Im not here to offend), seem to think it means that you only like them while intoxicated. Second thing is to apologize, no fake apologies here; straight from the heart and no cutting corners. Third thing: deal with the smoking. Seriously a bad habit, I've been around people who have smoked nearly their whole lives, some of them are my best friends and they claim that smoking while intoxicated is wonderful and heightens your buzz, it may be true but the bad after shocks of smoking don't make it near worth the price.

    For the record, I don't condone the above mentioned activities. Although I have been drinking alcohol since before the age of 16. I have experences that I wish I didn't...


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    Don't wait for her to make that talk happen. If you want to have that talk, you should make the move.

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    Thank you guys sooo much I am going to phone her and apologize to her I am just going to go It was a terrible thing drunk or not drunk.
    Ill keep you updated.

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    Good luck with the apology! I hope you work things out with her, it seems to me that you like her an awful lot.


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    I am not going to lie I do guys even if we can just be friends I text her "is it ok if I call you ? I just would like to talk to you about a few things" It has been 15 mins and no reply WTF guys

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    Sorry to be so blunt, but if you want her to like you then stop drinking and try to stop smoking!
    I know it's a lot of work, and some people don't have the will to overpower the nicotine but its a choice between a burning stick that's eventually going to kill you or the girl you like...

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    I only smoke when I am drunk I am not addicted at all atm so I will easily stop it but I text her and she wont reply. What is going on

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