So I recently had a external hard drive crash and corrupted the Master File Table. I was unable to run chkdsk on it because it would just abort after it couldn't determine the volume or version. So I had the joy of using a recovery program to recover what i could, transfer it to a new drive, format the hold one and put it all back. What I am wondering is, while running the Recovery program it gave me a list of, "This is XXXX, but should be XXYX"
I was wondering if by simply editing the MFT manually based off that would fix it. So does anyone know of any MFT editors? I tried looking but always get looped back to omnixray or something like that, but they all linked back to a dead website. I can open the MFT in notepad, but cant make heads or tails out of it because it doesn't display nicely. And it takes notepad over 10min to open the file because it was 200mb. This would be in the event I corrupt the drive again because I like to unplug my drive at really dumb times without thinking.