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Thread: I hate job interviews...

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    Thumbs down I hate job interviews...

    I really do. Especially now, since I'm still waiting for her to call me.
    Which she did, but I wasn't there so I couldn't receive it. Plus it seems like she just won't leave a message telling me if I have a job or not.

    I hate this waiting really just stinks.

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    Leaving a message is somewhat unprofessional, the outcome of your interview should be told to you, and only you, first-hand. Since she did try to contact you directly, and you missed her call, I think you should call her back.

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    I did, and she promised that she would call me back after he meeting. But I found out she went home instead.

    I'm sure I got the job, but it's just not fun waiting.

    Thanks for the advice though!

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    The waiting does suck, though sometimes it is worth it. My first job interview, it took over a week for them to call back (after taking a drug test), and ended up getting another job before then. Still wish I had just waited :/

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    I've been through many job interviews in my life. They can be very stressful, or downright entertaining. One of the most interesting ones was for a job where they had me AND another candidate for the position interview at the same time, TOGETHER! I am not sure how professional that is, but considering it was for a sales position, it definitely showed who could be the most competitive and had the strongest personality. I declined the position when offered, by the way.

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    I hate the whole past experience questions like when were you faced with adversity in the workplace, how did you handle it?

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    Interviewing is an art. I don't remember ANYONE who ever got the job on their first, second, or even third interview. It took me about seven before I could stop averting my gaze, stumbling on my words, and talk very little about me.

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    I am sorry, StrawberryRaven. Don't let it get you down, and don't give up. I wish you all the best in your search for employment. Take care.
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    Yeah, keep trying StrawberryRaven. The worse job interview I ever had was for a church choir directing job. I was in college, and so it was a part time job. I was interviewed by the minister in his private office. He seemed to know a lot about me, as if he researched my life behind my back. He knew I was adopted and he asked if I was having problems getting along with my parents. Typically, I was having a lot of problems, but my parents also knew I was living a very alternative life style. The closer was when the minister said I should come and live with him. He was actually hitting on me! I said no thank you, and then didn't get the job. This is why I believe in God, but I don't believe in churches. One of many reasons, I should add.

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