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Thread: What's a good excuse?

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    Default What's a good excuse?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an order of Abena X Plus Medium 1 pack. Its supposed to come on Friday. My question is what is a good excuse if a family member finds the package and asks whats in it?


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    Prank on a friend, gag birthday gift for a friend, stay out of my god damn business, computer part.

    Check some of the older threads too. They have some more creative excuses.

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    a computer part or a gadget or something for your room those will work

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    Science project for school learning about chemical reaction than write small report and give it grade.

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    Not sure what the name on the package is, but someone here said they write in first name: Recipient Last name: from Sender

    so it just says
    "To recipient
    From sender

    Tends to confuse people when they search for a name.

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    Well, the packs are large, and quite heavy, so whatever you cover is, might want to account for the weight...
    how about a nice wool blanket (you might need to order one... heheh)

    Or you could just say "they are my diapers" and walk away while jaws are still attached to the floor.

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    Beats me i think you will have to acept you have been caught out although will be interested in others cmments as will come in handy one day as we all get caught out sooner or later.

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    I always say clothes or boots and that I have a terrible habit of shopping online from my favorite store. Works pretty well because my family knows I'm into fashion. So whatever excuse you decide to pick, just make it one that has to do with one of your hobbies or interests. If you collect anything, you could say it's a collectors item for it.

    If you do get caught, actually the gag birthday gift is definitely believable as I know ppl who've done that.

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