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Thread: Ever had to sell some(one)thing you love?

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    Default Ever had to sell some(one)thing you love?

    The day came.

    I posted my motorcycle on craigslist today.

    It may not make sense to many, if any, of you but I am sick to my stomach. I feel like I just put my son up for adoption. I love that bike but it deserves better than I can give. For the past several months my bike sat in my yard needing tires, unable to pass inspection, and without tag or insurance.

    I know there are those here that ride and wonder why I'm so broken up about not riding in the winter. Well, I'm the nutjob who rode in single digit temperatures, through thunderstorms, and in freezing rain. I would rather ride my bike than drive a car in most conditions, but it is not practical to subject my son to such rigors so I kept my car up and let the bike slide in hard economic times.

    I must confess to riding illegally a few times just to get out on the road, but each time brought the tires closer to being bald and me closer to getting pulled over and ticketed for driving a vehicle with no inspection, insurance, or license plate.

    My only hope is that I'll get a better job before someone takes my love for their own.

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    Oh Khaymen I so feel for you, and this comes with a warning. When I was in college, my parents bought me, slightly used, a blue 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible. When I moved to Ohio after college I built that car for the track, heads milled 25 thousandths, a Crower Cam, 411 posi, and put in a three gear Turbo 400. Years later, like a big fat fool, I sold it. To this day I have dreams that I'm in some strange city, driving that car. I park it and go someplace. When I return the car is gone....gone, gone! I wake up upset wanting that car back. If ever I become wealthy, I'm going to buy a blue '67 Goat with a white convertible top. For now, the loss is great.

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    I am a hoarder, So it is very difficult for me to get rid of anything. Personally nothing comes to mind of anything I had to sell, except for a pet Sugar Glider I had or a bushbaby as they are called in Australia. The upkeep on them were to much for me to handle.

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    In late December I came dangerously close to giving up my miniature Australian Shepherd, Jackson. My uncle who is currently living with us hates Jackson (with a passion, if you want to know just how bad go ahead and check out my blog post from about 2 weeks before this incident ) and it got so bad that I didn't believe Jackson would be safe around him. I thought of everything to try and keep him and be sure that my uncle wouldn't snap and do something to harm him, but the longer I waited the worse it got. I put Jackson on Craigslist and flyers at the local doggy daycares and animal shelter, I think I went to about ten homes to be sure it would be a stable environment for Jackson and most of them were. (like you said Khaymen it was like putting my own kid up for adoption, but I dont have kids. Every time it was like my heart was being ripped out and stomped on)

    Well after rejecting all of the families(even the few I thought would be great homes) I had a breakdown on my way home, and when I got there sure enough my uncle had done something to send me over the edge( taking my wet clothes out of the dryer to dry one shirt and also deciding it was a good idea to take my golf clubs and hit balls into the woods behind the house..... estimated about 30 bucks in NXT TOUR balls gone). After about an hour of trying to get my dad to have his brother stay somewhere else I went down stairs and just started yelling for about 2ish hours at him about Jackson, the clothes he took out of the dryer, taking my clubs, and basically being responsible for the death of my last dog(not gonna go into detail about what happened, at least not in this post).

    My dad a few days later realized it was best if he wasn't staying with us so he had him leave. I took the post from craigslist down and the flyers that i posted. I had never been more relieved, It was literally the most stressed I had been.

    EDIT- When i said currently living with us, i mean he moved back in a few days ago (he says its just for a few days but he is already starting to settle in like he did when he was here for 3 months)

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    My old 1972 coca cola lionel set that i got as a kid from my uncle. I had to sell it to get my new computer parts, but now i want it soooooo badly because it was a different kind of set, one you don't see everyday.

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    I had to sell my original PS1 and my original GameBoy years ago for some money when I was in a situation where I needed some grocery money bad. I however, was able to get my paws on a similar PS1 and I still have said system here to this date. My GameBoy I'll sadly never see again... sigh.

    I hated to sell those two things but back at that time, I was not on good terms with my parents and now, things are a lot different.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JATO457 View Post
    My old 1972 coca cola lionel set that i got as a kid from my uncle. I had to sell it to get my new computer parts, but now i want it soooooo badly because it was a different kind of set, one you don't see everyday.
    I hope you got a lot of money for that. It's 3 kinds of classic. Classic Lionel, Classic Coca Cola, and Classic Lionel Coca Cola.

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    I never got the chance to sell it, but my bike was stolen back in high school. It was a black Morales frame ( that looked much like this one. I had a tough time building it because it was "for transportation" as my parents would say. So I tediously put it together with triple walled rims, 3 piece crank and when I finally got the pedal on (note: I said one pedal, I was that anxious!) and rode it to school. Well that day my girlfriend at the time and myself were having a rocky relationship and I broke my hand punching a door. I felt fine leaving the biked locked up there, but I was sadly wrong. Someone went by that night, undid the bolt on the front wheel, and took off with it.

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    I don't know why exactly, but humans seem prone to forming irrational emotional attachments to inanimate objects. It's pretty strange when you think about it.

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