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    Right ADISC here is one for you, in present day why is segregation still so prevalent and accepted? I mean from community development policy to the slightly less nefarious school aged clicks, why do we feel the need to shut ourselves away from other people?

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    I see it not so much as segregation but a natural tendency for similar people to associate. In the making of The Planet of The Apes actors portraying the different apes, Chimpanzees, Gorillas etc. tended to group together by species makeup during breaks.
    Birds of a feather tend to flock together.
    This doesn't help if you are feeling like the ugly duckling but in most cases I do not believe there is a malicious intent.

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    This is not always a bad thing.

    I tend to segregate myself from people who are convicted serial rapists, liking manly men. It's safer for me this way.

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    Okay so it would seem we 'segregate' based on an emotional want for security- in case of the Ape example security of being amongst like minded people, or h3g3l in response to a determined threat. These cases show a rational and productive reason for segregation, however can the same be said of larger segregation- I mean neighborhood scale-. Is segregation then completely beneficial (i.e. Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Tokyo)? Furthermore, what about the exclusion of others inherent to segregation?

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    I don't think it's completely beneficial, I think it just is. People tend to stick to people that are like them, and on a macro scale, it makes a lot of sense. People want to be with people that they share commonalities with. In terms of neighborhoods, ethnic groups want to retain their individuality and so tend to want to clump together. Is it beneficial? Certainly. You gain a peace of mind by being with people like you. Are there non-beneficial aspects? Certainly, but that's the same with anything.

    As for exclusion? There's gonna be exclusion wherever you go. That's a given. People tend to want to be with people that are like them, and tend not to want to be around people that aren't like them. It's natural. Can it be a bad thing? Certainly. Is it necessarily a bad thing? Not at all.

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    yor overanalysng it , mate. its simple really, you stick with the familiar, a million yearsor so as cavemen convinced us that this was the safest option, contrary to poplar belief, not only does what you dont know, not 'not hurt you' but it can get you killed

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    Perhaps I am over thinking the issue, however as I am working towards a career in community development and planning, how to have people willingly talk across imposed lines is an important issue to me. Others may see it as it simply is, I view it as a barrier to making a stronger community.

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    Ahh, but Chinatown and Little Italy and Little whatever else are all communities in and of themselves. There's no need to join them together to make a super-community.

    These race-orientated groups stick together because they're different from the 'norm' in that area. They have different cultures and customs which are easier to follow if you're surrounded by people doing exactly the same thing.

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    I'm with what Talula said about Little China et. al. I would also say that the communities popped up because everyone understood each other linguistically as well in the beginning. It's got to be scary and intimidating to know what you want to say and be unable to communicate with anyone well because you don't know their language.

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    Valid point, many groups new to an area may need an 'ethnic enclave' to start out in for employment or social security reasons. What I am thinking more of is when these segregation practices start to keep people closed away from experiencing other opportunities.

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