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    Im not completly sure where to put this but, i put it here =/

    My mom knows i like diapers, but she wants to know why, she thinks that she failed me as a little kid and other reasons like that, but i cant really explain more besides that i love the feel and i think their really comfortable.. i need help

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    Just tell her the truth. Tell her how it started. Tell her it isn't her fault. Tell her everything she needs to hear. Lying won't work, trust me.

    Although if it's sexual for you, leave that out unless she asks directly.

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    I'm sorry that you have found yourself in such a difficult situation. I would suggest you take some time to read all of the articles written that are specifically designed to instruct non-ABDL people regarding what this is all about. Some of the information might help you find the best way to present it to her, or you might want to send her to some of these links directly:

    Frequently asked questions for people who aren't interested in diapers
    Understanding Infantilism

    If you have any more specific ideas on how we can help you out, please ask. I really wish you the best of luck with this.

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    Tell her it's just comforting. People have their ways to unwind and relax, and this just happens to be yours.

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    if you like to use them and wish to be brutally honest/truthful, you could just say, "It was my inability to transgress through the anal phase of Freudian psycho-sexual development, most likely due to events beyond anyone's conscious control."

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    Tell her how it's comforting to you and how it makes you feel good. Don't let her blame herself for something you like.

    Open up to her and try to tell her how you feel, but while you do this try not to feel ashamed or anything like that. Stand up for what you believe in, for who you are.

    I would leave the DL side out of the conversation though, there is no real reason she needs to know about it.

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